Meeting Minutes for Group A – February 10th, 2013


See Meeting Minutes for Group B (Feb 9th).

Q / A: 

Q: In review you mentioned, the POST request parameters gotta use 1 instead of True however, `True` is what I got from the browser
A: if it’s not ‘false’ or ‘0’, it’s considered true, still prefer ‘1’ just because it feels weird to use ‘True’, since that’s more of a djangoism

Q: how to use reverse() in the unit test to ensure we are requesting the correct URL, all the timethere are couple different usage, `reverse` or `local_site_reverse` maybe not the same thing?
A: go with local_site_reverse for consistency, basically, it’s a smart reverse() wrapper that knows how to deal with LocalSites (which are how we partition one RB instance into several fake instances)

Q: is there any standard for how to name git branches?
A: they’re for your own use, so whatever oyu feel comfortable with, I’m in the habit these days of namespacing them, liek webapi/blah, or js/blah
A: I usually use bug-numbers and keywords

Q: In the diff view of a review request, we have things like `Changes between r9 and: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9, which makes no sense to view “changes between r9 and r9
A: which it won’t let you do, it’s in a “selected” state


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