Meeting Minutes for Group B – February 16th, 2013

Look at the Calendar posted on the blog every day.
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This is not targeted at anyone specifically in the group, just a general note.

Q / A:
Q : How to execute unit tests?
A : This shows you how to run *all* of the tests:
( )
If you want to run tests under a certain “app” directory, like “accounts”, this blog post tells you how to do that:
( )

Q : How to write unit tests?
A : The best way to start is to see what the current tests do.
granted, there aren’t many of them.
( )

Q : How would I go about finding all the review requests that are dependant on the review within review_request_details?
I have two M2Ms, depends_on_draft, and depends_on_published.

A : They do, they’re just not exposed in the UI, so ReviewRequest should have a ManyToManyField that points to other. ReviewRequests. Say that’s called depends_on with the related_name being “blocks”. From there, you can easily go both ways.
You can access review_request_1.depends_on or from the other end, review_request_2.blocks.
Django magically links that up.




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