Meeting Minutes for Group B – February 23, 2013


  • Thanks to everyone for getting the status reports in on time.
  • Make sure to look at the calendar, as the “midterm” of our time here is upcoming — make sure you look at your goals and let the mentors know if things need to be honed in/adjusted (communication is key).


  • Jon:
    – Has completed first full review request of task.
    – He should deal with results of reviews, and also start looking at the hackpad ideas.
    – Some ideas are: extend the submit banner to inc. new optionals, maybe work on extensions
    – It’s midterm week so maybe pick something small to work on.
  • Yuri:
    – Has questions about testing.
    – Don’t worry about unit testing until after the feature is working.
    – The relationship between review requests and trophies is hard to understand.
    – Make sure to fully remove unused/old code when its core use is discarded, including the evolution readjustment.
    – Achievable goals should be set for next week, things need to be broken down to a measurable level.
    ChipX861) Be able to list all trophies that stored in the database. They should appear on the user page, with the icon, and with the review request ID. 2) Make sure that is using Hiroki’s latest model, and not the stuff in LocalSiteProfile. 3) after that, write some code when a review request is published that creates a Trophy. Just do it for every review request for now, to make sure it works.
    – Best order of dealing with this would be 2 -> 3- > 1
    – Email the mentors a copy of your plan for the week.
  • Hiroki:
    – This week, he has added database usage, and wrote a unit test.
    – Let’s see a WIP request after the meeting.



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