Meeting Minutes for Group A – February 24, 2013


As many of us are in the middle of our semesters, now is a good time to look at the calendar and think about what we’ve done, what’s left to be done, and whether we’re working at a good pace. Readjusting goals is fine; talk to a mentor as soon as possible.

It’s helpful to keep code that’s being posted for reviews clean and focused. (Referring to cleanup changes, which Chip suggests not worrying about unless it’s directly related to your code. That is, there’s no need to fix all the small things you might see in a file or that ReviewBot notices.)


Miguel Flores

  • Worked on error handling for when hooks are called.
  • Looking into Django signals. Django fires signals in a way that doesn’t catch signals, so task may turn out hard. Discussion after meeting.

Katherine Schramm

  • Light week, resting up
  • Will submit work-in-progress (WIP) ASAP

Felix Sung

Niklas Hambuchen

  • Discussed Github integration with Reviewboard regarding local clones and what the git protocol allows
  • Discussion moved to after meeting

Greg Wang

  • Have identified areas where rich_text can be used.
  • Mentor suggestion to get markdown working in one or two places and then expand

Surya Nallu

  • Video was great
  • Start posting small review requests
  • Function to handle installation on djblets is ready
  • Other features will be landed but not visible to users yet, as they’re not in use yet
  • Code to solve the issue of restarting the server after new extensions is ready

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