Meeting Minutes: Group A – March 3, 2013


  • UCOSP (Canadian) students just passed the midterm point and their evaluations have been processed by the mentors. These students will recieve feedback soon. Feel free to discuss anything regarding the feedback – PM/email any of the mentors.


Katherine Schramm:

  • Had trouble finding time this week for a WIP patch, but a WIP patch should be in by the end of the day.
  • Suggestion: It’s okay to post patches halfway since it’s a WIP patch.

Niklas Hambüchen:

  • Reviews of some requests completed, they look good.
  • Discussion about differences between ‘git show’ and ‘git diff’: Agreed to use ‘git show’ for now and to address any problem in the future if need be.
  • Refactored tests on request #3837
  • Wants to write the ‘how-to’ that was dicussed last week and will make a list of things that would improve the workflow.
  • It’s okay for him to re-schedule his goals since he doesn’t get credit.

Greg Wang:

  • Got the ‘marked’ library working with ‘Google code prettify’; but adding the rendering component to ‘document.ready’ is causing the text to expand it’s heiight.
  • ChipX86 instead suggests to try “document.write” instead — so that it executes as the page is being loaded and addresses the issue raised above.
  • Will try ChipX86’s suggestion and put up a WIP.
  • Question: How to go about the styling? — Shouldn’t stand out, should feel like monospaced text in the field.
  • m_conley suggests changing the zebra-stripping in the codeblocks: The source code would ideally look like the diff viewer’s code (style wise).
  • Everyone agrees that the screenshot on the review request looks very promising.
  • Will implement the live previewing soon – preview shows up on the drafts.

Surya Nallu:

  • m_conley reviewed request #3906 (ChipX86 is currently reviewing it).
  • No questions.

Closing Remarks: Keep up the good work and keep delivering WIP patches.



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