Blog Post: Hiroki

I’m Hiroki GOHARA, a first year graduate school student from the University of Tokyo.
I am really glad to have the opportunity to participate in the Reviewboard in this winter.

This course started with 2 days Hackathon at Facebook’s office on middle of January. In the Hackathon, I tried fixing a bug which is coursed by Tag name mismatch. It was very hard for me because I didn’t know much about Reviewboard  Django framework, jQuery , and architecture of Reviewboard. But I fixed the bug over time with our mentors help. And I put the review request of my work. The funny thing was that the modification of Reviewboard was reviewed through the Reviewboard. I felt very happy that my work was taken in the project.

Trophy case

I’m working on the Trophy case in this course. What’s the Trophy? It’s something which is more exciting the Reviewboard. For example, trophies are attached on review request which has special ID. People want to collect trophies and Reviewboard will be activated. My goal of this course is to make an improvement about logic of the Trophy. I have changed to use database when show the trophies at the review request. Therefore, it is calculated once whether or not to show the trophies.
I will change trophy type logic more pliability to handle a large variety of trophies for next step.

Things I learned

In this work, I had experience and knowledge. I have never used Django framework before.
I learned MVC architecture, especially “Model” during changing logic to use database.
I also learned unit tests. It is very useful to confirm the validity of my work. I should develop to pass all of tests.
With one month, I work more to capitalize on an opportunity to get experiences. I’m very happy to participate in this project.


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