Meeting Minutes – March 10, 2013

Opening Announcements

Please don’t drop the course. We ♥ you all. We hate watching you go

For gregwym, katkat, ayrus12, the course ends in less than a month. So you’ll need to start manoeuvring yourselves to get into the “end run.” Remember that the mentors need time to review your code before it can be committed, and you need time to make revisions based on our reviews. All of which you should budget about five days for. So you’re going to want your patches out of WIP by the end of this month. Let that sink in. If you do feel like you’re going to have trouble hitting your target, now is the time to let the mentors know, either in IRC or via email.


document.write is working well and he is now applying rendering to other text in the same way. He thinks he can hit the end of month target

Q: For the preview, should I open another RR?

A: It might not be a bad idea if you feel like your other patch is atomic enough that it can be committed without needing the preview patch. If you do that, make sure you specify that your new review request depends on your old one. We have to do that manually until Demelo’s patch lands.


Things are going well and she will be updating her WIP by the end of the day. She thinks she can hit the end of month target


He was having some trouble with backbone but spent time discussing things with ChipX86 so it’s all good now. He thinks he can hit the end of month target


His question about template hooks was addressed. His schema/mockups post ( has m_conley excited.

Q: For the checklist extension, he’s using a generic foreign key pattern and m_conley isn’t sure it’s used anywhere else. How do we feel about that pattern?

A: Try using multiple potentially-null ForeignKey relations instead and see what happens. We might consult with ChipX86. You might want to quickly study to see what bogdana_p_away did to solve this (although it’s possible she found a solution that doesn’t apply to your particular problem).


When estimating efforts for review board, be sure to take into account factors like the due dates and assignments of other courses

Just because the course ends, doesn’t mean that you have to stop contributing. You’re all now part of our community, and once the course ends, we’d still love to have you hacking on RB. Plus, when new waves of students come in, we’ll need help answering their questions. So you’re welcome to keep hanging out in this channel too, if you’re still participating. 🙂

Keep up the good work. Keep pluggin’ away!


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