Blog Post: Yuri

Hi, I’m Yuri, first-year of master’s course, and studying in Dept. of Creative Informatics.

Before the start of this course, I studied and work on PHP and JavaScript (using jQuery), but probably, I should learn Python, Django and knowledge of database such as SQL because I’m not familiar with them.

So, I didn’t understand what I don’t understand, It’s serious problem for me because I have to put in plenty of time for it and have less time for my hobby such as videogame and band performance and so on.

…Frankly, I waited for chance to run away! On a serious note, new students need more warm-up period before starting course, I think they should do Django tutorial and get foundation for an understanding of Python.

[My part “Trophy Case”]

My part is Trophy Case in this course, it’s same project with Hiroki.

Our work is “Adding Trophy system to ReviewBoard”.

Trophy system likes videogame’s achievement system, such as Trophy system on PS3 and Achievement system on Xbox360.

[My work]

My work is show that reviewboard user’s trophies on user’s page, which is webpage on reviewboard for displaying user’s information.

In a word, Hiroki added trophy model to reviewboard’s database, then I added function for reading and showing them.

In addition I added number of user’s trophies to user_infobox, which is showed when holding cursor over user’s name.


I’m working on adding trophy_infobox.

It shows trophies’ information when holding your cursor over trophy’s name on user’s page.


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