Meeting Minutes for Group B – March 23th, 2013


m_conley: hiroki and yurimingp – this is it! Final week!  Your work should come out of WIP within the next day or two, and we’ll be reviewing it. Make sure to ping us if you’re blocked on reviews, and we’ll get to it ASAP.

ChipX86: Last semester, we did a sort of “Show Off Your Work” presentation on Google Hangout. it was optional, btu let people show what they had put together. If any of you are interested in that, please let us know. This can always be after the semester too. Not an official part of your course. (and you could also just observe if you didn’t want to present but presenting is awesome)

m_conley: Next weekend is Easter weekend. Not sure how that affects you folks, but we’re going to be proactive and cancel next week’s in-IRC meeting. Status reports should still come in on time, but questions will be asked and answered over email.




– addressed the initial fixes.
– It probably got lost because, after the rebase, it ended up looking like an empty commit (since it went back to how it was before your change)
– git reflog
– git log -g –abbrev-commit –pretty=oneline –author “your name here”


– got a few reviews on your patch
– take easy fix bug, ”


– got some reviews.
– fix them in tomorrow(24th Mar)


m_conley: This is mostly for hiroki_ and yurimingp, since this is their last official meeting. I’d just like to extend a friendly invitation to continue hacking on Review Board. We like you folks. We’re really happy with the community we’ve developed around Review Board, and we’d love to have you keep sticking around and hacking. Whether or not it’s bugs in the bug tracker, or if you have an itch to scratch, or if there’s some problems with your projects that you just want to polish off. Also, if you’re still students going into the summer, you might consider applying to GSoC for Review Board. We cannot guarantee that you’ll get accepted, but you have nothing to lose. Feel free to keep hanging out in this channel. But if you’re likely not going to, that’s OK too – just tell ChipX86 to disable your bouncer (if you had one). And that’s totally acceptable. You won’t be black-balled – you’re welcome back anytime. 🙂


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