Progress on the Checklist Extension: With Video!

Here’s a video of what I’ve been working on this semester: a checklist extension for Reviewboard!

I started this semester having not used Django before, and quite clueless in Javascript too (why are there all these colons, parentheses and brackets? What strange language is this?) And on top of that, there was this humongous codebase to try and figure out.

After many many weeks, Javascript now makes sense, and Backbone (which I was introduced to in this project) is the most exciting thing ever!

Many thanks to the mentors, for always being responsive and crushing the obstacles that stood in my way. As has been said by others already, stuff goes so much smoother when you realize that there’s a great team of people eager to answer all your questions, however silly they may be.

There’s still important stuff to be worked out for the checklists, but I’ll be sticking to it until it’s all proper and ready for everyone to use. 🙂


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