Meeting Minutes (September 15, 2013)

Opening Announcements:

Code Sprint is next weekend, work out travel and hotels ASAP if required and you haven’t already!


  • Started on an EasyFix
  • Needs to review the patch he posted, will be working on it later today
  • Question: Wanted to know whether to merge/rebase from master before submitting an updated patch:
    Answer: yes. You can safely merge from master into project branch, or rebase… Some people find rebase scary.
  • Going to try finishing his current bug today and then will go through some backbone.js tutorials and maybe start a new bug.


  • fixed the bug where submitted starred reviews weren’t showing under ‘starred reviews’.
  • Question: While fixing the bug her starred_review_requests_count got out of sync. Is there a way to fix it?:
    Answer: ./reviewboard/ fixreviewcounts –> resets all the counter caches.
  • Question: What does starred_review_requests.public() do?:
    Answer: public() returns only the starred_review_requests that are public facing (published, non-closed review requests). Starred_review_requests is defined in accounts/, and is a ManyToMany to a series of ReviewRequests. Changing it to filter(public=True) will get published ones that may be up for review, or submitted, or discarded. The public flag/field in ReviewRequest indicates if it was ever made public.
  • She had forgotten the password to her admin account. Instructions on how to reset:
    For an admin account, changepassword will let you update the password. (ref: )
  • Also: ./reviewboard/ –help : lists all useful commands!


  • Got her dev environment set up finally
  • picked an easy fix bug: The z-order of “filter” is above the drop-down “account” menu.
  • She got distracted by other school deadlines, but will start working on it tomorrow.


  • Having problems with dev environment set up: pysvn issues.
    Note: pysvn isn’t 100% necessary to get started on an EasyFix bug. It makes tests fail cuz it’s required for some tests, but RV still runs as long as not using an SVN repo.
  • edwlee’s solution to pysvn troubles: downloaded the precompiled pysvn binaries for osx and copied those into his virtualenv’s site-packages directory.


  • Set up dev environment and picked an EasyFix Bug.
  • He picked the bug where clicking enter didn’t search.
  • Had some troubles with his vm.
  • Decided to use PyCharm as an IDE.


How to GIT:

Any time you modify code, create a new branch or use one you already created (if it’s part of the same thing going up for review). There are no branches that already exist that you will commit code to!

Workflow: Pull from master –> create branch for your feature –> merge master in branch periodically .

NO PUSHING BRANCHES AT ALL THIS SEMESTER. Post patches to and someone else will push it after it has been reviewed. We can fork on github and push work in progress to that if we want, but then do not rebase any branch you pushed.

Encouraged Workflow Regarding submitting patches: post Work-in-progress patches on This helps to get feedback early. Convention: put WIP in review request title/summary e.g. “[WIP] Add the best feature ever” to indicate that it is not a complete feature.

IMPORTANT: Do not commit to master, or merge into master. MASTER IS UNTOUCHABLE. If you accidentally do it, talk to someone about it. master reflects the current upstream in-development branch of RB. once your commit lands, you can blow your feature branch away, since the change will be pushed to master. When a commit is in master, it is in the main codebase.


Review Bot: (Automated review bot that will comment on some styling stuff!)
It runs static analysis tools, which can be added as plugins. Right now on it runs PEP8 and pyflakes on your code. There are plugins for CPPlint, Buildbot, CPPCheck, and JSLint right now as well, but we don’t run them


instead of wiki, we will use for all our wiki-ish needs. It is a mixture of Google docs + a wiki.

To Do: Set up an account.


Some Useful Pages:

HackPad Student Tips and Tricks

Blog Posts Written by Previous Students (More Tips and Tricks)

Project Idea Page (We are welcome to add to it).



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