Meeting Minutes: December 5, 2013

Opening Announcements

  • We’re in the end game! Everybody’s out of WIP! Great job! \o/
  • You should all be receiving reviews now. If you’re blocked on reviews, please let us know.
  • Reviewing each other is a great thing to do!
  • Post-mortem and demos is tentatively scheduled for December 15th at 4PM Eastern. mconley will send out mail with details soon.
  • Please don’t forget to refresh the summaries, descriptions and testing done parts of your review requests.
  • The summary should be a concise description of the project, and something we can use for a commit message header.
  • The description should explain what the feature is, why we want it, and then a quick breakdown of the changes that were made.
  • Your code might get Ship-It’s but not land immediately. This is normal.


  • Has fixed the multiple-checklist bug.
  • Code will be landing in rb-extension-pack
  • Needs to make sure there’s a for the extension.

Q: How do I use the js_bundles in my template?

A: You’ll define a bundle name, and then in any template included by a TemplateHook, you’ll do:

{% load djblets_extensions %}
{% ext_js_bundle extension "bundle_name" %}

there’s also ext_css_bundle.


  • Still fixing up a few things.

Q: Besides that though, and fixing up descriptions is there anything else that I need to be doing?

A: Review some code! Start by just trying to apply their patches and seeing if they work.

Q: There’s an rbt command for that, right?

A: Yep, rbt patch. For Elaine’s project though, you’ll need to clone her Github repo.


  • Hit a roadblock yesterday – there’s a bug in either Haystack or Whoosh where updating the search index causes duplicates to be returned in a search result.
  • Also Haystack’s SearchQuerySet doesn’t have an API to limit the number of results returned.

Q: How can I make this Haystack query more efficient?

A: Use public() on ReviewRequests – that should be more efficient. We can probably investigate SearchQuerySet a bit and figure out how to do it at query time more efficiently later on

  • When rbt post -u prompts for confirmation with a summary, it’s using the review request summary, and not the draft’s. Edward will look into this bug.


  • Had a presentation last week on my project – it went well and everybody was really interested!
  • Will be using hardcoded HTML in the Trophy code for now, which will get cleaned up in a later version.
  • Won’t be able to land the change to get the trophies showing up on user pages in time for pencils down.


Q: First – what’s the final answer on whether or not to use six.text_type() if I’m using % formatting for a string?

A: In most cases you don’t need to use it if you’re formatting with %s. In some cases where .str() and .unicode() return different results, you do, but that won’t be the case for most things. So you can get rid of six.text_type().

Q: What’s the most pythonic way of building up a string given a list of strings?

A: ”.join(str_list)

Q: For the line <h1>Security Checklist</h1> you mention “Need a {% trans %}.”. Where does the {% trans %} tag go?

A: You’d do: {% trans ‘Security Checklist’ %}

Closing Remarks

  • Make sure that at the top of all new files you have this:
from __future__ import unicode_literals
  • This was our last official meeting! Holy smokes, time flies!
  • Pencils down is on Tuesday, December 3rd. On Wednesday we’re going to start writing up your evaluations.
  • We invite you to keep hacking on Review Board! Just because the course is over, doesn’t mean you have to stop. We hope you’re hooked. 🙂

Q: Can we still come to this chatroom?

A:  You can, and if you want to help out with new batches of students, that’s always great too 🙂 There’s a lot of discussion that, in general, is best suited for the lists, though, largely because it benefits other people out there (other devs hacking on RB extensions, other users looking to set something up).

Great job this semester – now crush these last few days before pencils down!


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