Meeting Minutes: January 18, 2014



  • ChipX86 (Christian Hammond)
  • smacleod (Steven MacLeod)
  • purple_cow (David Trowbridge)
  • m_conley (Mike Conley)


  • bhushan (Bhushan Ramnani – Carnegie Mellon)
  • olessia (Olessia Karpova – UofT)
  • heapify (Anselina Chia – UofT)
  • tomia (Tomi Äijö – TUT)
  • Audore (Iines Piesala – TUT)
  • Joonas_ (Joonas Lindholm – TUT)
  • hellosjsu (Stephanie Su – MIT)
  • bro1 (Mirai Akagawa – Carnegie Mellon)
  • tamijo (Tami Forrester)
  • ? (Edwin Zhang)


  • lfarone (Luke Farone – MIT)
  • jos_e (José Dominguez – MIT)

Getting Started

  • We would like you to get your feet wet by fixing some bugs. We’ve curated a set of bugs that we think are easy to fix. Here’s the list. If you want the bug, just comment in it saying that you want to take it.
  • Try to find a bug or two this weekend so you’ll have something to focus on this week.

Tips and Tricks

  • The student blog is chock full of information gathered up over the years by students just like you. There’s lots of useful information in here, especially in the tips and tricks category.
  • You’ll be expected to blog this semester! We will want meeting minutes and status reports.
  • ASK QUESTIONS. Every semester, we have to drill this into students heads. If you’re stuck, come talk to a mentor – don’t sit and stew about it. Come find us, and we’ll get you unblocked and moving again. Never be afraid to ask us questions.

Current statuses


  • Has looked through the demo instance of RB and tried to set up development environment
  • Had some issues setting up development environment, wants to try the vagrant approach, and needs a Fusion license.
  • Will get the development environment up this week and grab an EasyFix bug.
  • No questions.


  • Trying to get vagrant set up
  • Seeing the message “stdin: is not a tty” after running chef-solo, but this apparently a known bug and won’t be a problem.
  • Stuck at that message though. Will kill and restart, and follow-up if still unable to proceed.
  • Reading through the EasyFix list, looking for a bug.
  • Asks: Are there any preferred IDE’s? Review Board mentors use vim or SublimeText, but some students have had success with PyCharms. It’s really up to you.


  • Still needs a dev environment set up… has started setting up an Ubuntu partition, and trying to get dependencies set up.
  • Asks: what is vagrant? It takes care of a lot of the installation, and gives you a contained environment (while still allowing you to edit files and develop using your host machine and editor). In a nutshell, you clone a small repository I’ve setup, and run vagrant on it. Automatically a base VM image will be downloaded (only the first time) and then executed in the background. The configuration will then be applied, installing all of the review board dependencies automatically. This will also set up a shared folder to your operating system, which the VM can see.
  • Asks: How can I log into the demo instance of Review Board? Use “guest” as the user name and “guest” as the password.


  • Just downloaded VMWare Workstation, and getting vagrant set up.
  • No questions.


  • Got a dev environment set up, but would love a vagrant set up. Needs a license.
  • Found an EasyFix bug and have already submitted a review request
  • Interested in GitHub pull request integration project. This is a tough one, and will require some careful thought. In the meantime, Heapify should study the code under reviewboard/hostingsvcs – that’s the code that knows about GitHub APIs.
  • Heapify will see if she can find another EasyFix bug under reviewboard/hostingsvcs to become more familiar with that area.


  • Still trying to get Review Board development environment set up locally.
  • Having troubles with the setup script
  • Hitting the following error:
    error: Setup script exited with error: command 'cc' failed with exit status 1
  • Running OS X Mavericks – bro1 suspects this might be related to Xquartz…
  • Full pastie output of error.
  • ChipX86 comments that vagrant might be the better option for bro1.
  • purple_cow suggests running `xcode-select –install`
  • bro1 will keep hacking on this, and then choose an EasyFix to start on.


  • Has development environment set up – thanks to smacleod for the help this week!
  • Has been looking through the EasyFix list but hasn’t picked anything yet.
  • ChipX86 suggests this one.


  • Has set up the development environment successfully, and all tests pass!
  • Didn’t use vagrant or VMWare.
  • Will look through the EasyFix list and pick something.

Other Questions

bhushan asks: “Which VMWare product should I download for Windows?”

Answer: Workstation.

Final Words

  • Always ask questions!
  • Asking us in IRC is probably your best bet.
  • Scan through these three links.
  • Let ChipX86 know if you need a vagrant or VMWare license, or an IRC bouncer.

Thanks all!


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