Meeting Minutes: January 26, 2014


Mentors: Christian, David, Mike, Steven

Students: Anselina, Bhushan, Iines, Joonas, Olessia, Tomi

Excused: Edwin, Stephanie, Tami

Missing: Mirai


Status Reports

  • Vitally important that these get in on time (24 hours before meeting)
  • Whoever collects status reports each week is responsible for hounding stragglers
  • Send your status reports to the reviewboard-students list in response to the call each week so we can see them come in.


  • Prefer #reviewboard-students, or reviewboard-students/reviewboard-dev mailing lists over private communication. If you have truly private concerns, emailing the mentors directly is ok, but generally all communication should be open.


  • Still missing a couple usernames. Send them to David.



  • Just getting started with easyfix bug, no questions yet
  • Maybe a special case re: TUT’s UX focus. Will go over project list with faculty mentor.


  • Struggling a bit figuring out how all the pieces fit together for selected bug. Will return to #reviewboard-students to go through code when he’s working on it.
  • Has a handful of questions about process to ask for an assignment


  • Investigated a couple EasyFix bugs but they were already fixed. What’s the process for getting bugs closed? ChipX86: let us know and we’ll close them.
  • Going to take on bug 3200.
  • Will get set up with a bouncer.m_conley: reminder that a “bouncer” is like having permanent-presence in IRC. I use one, so I’m always in here, but look like m_conley_away when detached. When I reconnect, I get all of the chatter I missed. they’re super handy and you should get one if you don’t already have one. Message ChipX86 if interested


  • Selected an EasyFix bug but haven’t looked into it yet. Will get started soon.


  • First review request is all done.
  • Found a bug while investingating hostingsvcs code. Filed an issue and submitted a patch. purple_cow: This is a good opportunity for other students to do a code review.
  • After discussing GitHub Pull Request integration, switched over to “SCM hooks utilizing RBTools” instead.


  • Development environment is all set up.
  • Looking for a front-end EasyFix bug. Going to try to tackle 3078. ChipX86: Much of that code will live in djblets. m_conley: it’s like a toolkit of django goodies that Review Board uses heavily, but other projects can use it too

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