Meeting Minutes: February 4, 2014


Mentors: Christian, David, Mike, Steven

Students: Anselina, Bhushan, Iines, Joonas, Olessia, Mirai, Tomi



It’s the meeting before the sprint! Ensure you have flight confirmation.

Status Reports

Keep sending the status report on time, that helps the mentors a lot.


Students should all feel completely free to create pages on Hackpad, and then link those in your status reports when you’ve made changes.
It’s helpful for mentors to see any design notes and thoughts, and you’ll likely find it useful yourself to keep notes as you go.  Ask the mentor if you have any questions on how to use Hackpad.

Bug tracking

If you find a bug, file it, unless you know it already exists.



  • Have been working on the SCM Hooks project. The core work for the Git post-receive hook is done, and is working.
  • Will modify it to handle merge commits better, then do some more testing.


  • Will take up New Hooks project.


  • Looked at Issue #3078, but i just found out it’s already fixed in master branch(2.0).
  • Will take up Issue #2442.
  • Interested in improving links between code and issues. Would need to start by figuring out the design.


  • Reproduced Issue #3204 on dev server, figuring out how to implement it.
  • interested in the Mobile / Touch Enabled Device Support as a project.

Mike suggest starting with sketches and mock-ups. Figure out which form-factor your targeting first – mobile phones, or tablets) and ensure that you have access to that form factor. Christian suggests a hackpad with lots of things for to look at.


  • Generally trying to get use to the code base and the structure.

Make sure to ask the mentors if you need any info on the codebase. There’s a lot of code. If you’ve gone 2 days stuck on where code lives, it’s absolutely time to hop in IRC.

  • Have been looking at Issue #3302.
  • Interested in Mobile / Touch Enabled Device Support project. Work will be divided with Joonas.


  • Submitted a patch for Issue #3200 for review.The code has been pushed to master.
  • Worked on Issue #3217.
  • Going to take up HostingService as a project. Details and specifications to be discussed with the mentors.


  • Submitted fix to issue 3189 for review. The code has been pushed to master.
  • Interested in working on bug tracker integration, possibly Jira.
  • Would need to start by talking with people on the mailing list (reviewboard-dev), because a lot of people have asked for deeper bug tracker integration, but we don’t know quite what they have in mind. Then start putting together a plan and timeline.

If you guys aren’t on and, please subscribe



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