UCOSP Fall 2013 Student Demos

Back in the Fall, we had a number of students hacking on Review Board.

At the end of the semester, when the grades are in, we usually invite our students to join us in a video chat and demo their projects to one another. It’s an optional thing that we do if the students have time, and not for credit.

Four students took us up on our offer last semester, and we’re pleased to share their work with you:

Review Board UCOSP Demos – Fall 2013 from Mike Conley on Vimeo.

The students in this video are (in order of appearance):

One student was unavailable for the demo session, but produced similarly awesome work:

Some of the projects in this video have already landed in the upcoming Review Board 2.0, and others are still waiting for some code massage before being available.

Thanks again to all of our students last semester!


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