Meeting Minutes: March 1st, 2014


  • CMU is on break next week, meaning that CMU students are about halfway done the term. Adjust internal calendars accordingly!



  • A question about the date reviewed and timestamp columns for the review request data grid – they seem to be the same…
    • Yep, they are the same! So we don’t want separate columns for them.
  • General Django question – I notice that a lot of query sets are augmented with more data, and I’m not actually sure what that does… like queryset.select_related(‘some keyword’)
    • When you’re fetching a bunch of rows for, say, Review objects, and all you need are fields that live on Review, then you never need to deal with augmenting.  However, if you ever have to deal with something on another object, say, the Review’s parent ReviewRequest, you don’t want to fetch the ReviewRequest for every row. So this is a way of bundling up requests for both of those object types in the same query, which is faster.


  • Is there any examples on how to implement the “Add another” -button shown in the configuration dialog mockup that dynamically creates new pairs of Django widgets to a form?
    • Django doesn’t support that built-in. You’d need to build a widget. Use Javascript to create the form elements, and then loop over the request.POST in the view.
  • Older versions of Gitlab API v3 only allow creating the token with email as the username (Example). Currently review board only posts “login” parameter so older versions of Gitlab do not work. Should I add new input field for the configuration dialog for the email in addition to the username, or change the current one to accept either? If latter, should I try to recognize emails and use “email” parameter accordingly?
    • If you can make it easily accept both, we should do that. For email address recognition, try to re-use the validator that we use for email. That way, we’re consistent with Django. Run the validator and if it comes back as a valid e-mail address, use the email field.
  • Gitlab’s API is really tortuous. 😦 And capability detection is hard.


  • I fixed the two bugs from last week! (The Masonry and event handling ones).
  • Going to focus on the interface for adding widgets now.
  • Maybe after that, we can try to expose some hooks for extensions to add widgets.
  • How long does it take to ship something after its complete?
    • We dogfood almost bleeding edge on For the changes you’ve already made, they’re likely to ship in a month or two once 2.0 is out the door.


  • The mentors are a little wary about using django-mobile to serve up different templates for mobile users. This increases the amount of stuff we need to test, and it’s likely the mobile stuff would get poor coverage and support.
  • We’re rather you focus on using responsive web techniques to modify some parts of Review Board to be more mobile-friendly.
  • It’d be good to investigate some responsive web design techniques. Example. Media Queries are relevant to your interests. Also, Responsive Design View.
  • Start with something small, like the login page.
  • When I run the site / development server inside a VM, how do I access it with a mobile device? When I run ifconfig inside the VM, should I see a wlan0 section?
    • You should just be able to visit your laptops IP address at port 8080. The dev server is port forwarded out to your host machine, so “localhost:8080” accesses it from your laptop or “<laptop-ip>:8080” for other devices on the network


  • The mentors really enjoyed the mock-ups!
  • Like Joonas, Mirai will be attempting to use responsive web techniques for some section of Review Board, using his own mock-ups for inspiration.
  • What are the requirements for CMU students over the break?
    • No specific requirements.


  • Fixed up the code I wrote last week and wrote some tests, but getting failing tests.
    • ChipX86 will work with Olessia after the meeting to get the tests working.


  • Basically done with Git hooks and refining it – just need some reviews!
  • Will be working on GitHub hooks next.
  • Bhushan has a WIP change for the URL stuff you’ll be using. You might want to review it.


  • So the repo URLs are getting added when registered and deleted when unregistered. I tested that using the shell. But in the test case Ive pointed the url to the login page. and I get a 404 error. The regex is not added to the list for some reason.
  • I was thinking of starting work on the hooks…now that we’re close to getting done with this. Should I work on Mercurial next?
    • Sounds good – just coordinate with Anselina.


  • Haven’t done much – I have to catch up next week.
  • mconley will prepare a more detailed specification to Iines to make sure everything is clear.
  • Iines is confident she’ll have more to say next week!


  • Fixed the 500 errors from last week.
  • Investigating why the diff expanding just isn’t working. I might have some questions soon.
  • The diff expand link is like +20. Is that an image?
    • It’s an image – static/rb/images/icons.png and icons@2x.png. Source is icons.svg.
  • I was thinking of for the review page only expanding 5 lines or something smaller so I wanted to have a +5 instead of a +20
    • Let’s keep it at 20 for now, and tweak it down the line.

General tips

  • Go through your changes after you’ve put them up for review, and mentally review your own code. Compare the styling to what we have elsewhere in the product and iterate on that until you’re happy and sure you’re matching us. That’ll save a lot of time on the review process.

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