Meeting Minutes: March 16, 2014


  •  As for opening announcements, my only announcement is for olessia and heapify – after this meeting, you’ve got two meetings left and then the UCOSP term ends



  • I’m working on getting the tabs to show above both datagrids
  • I wasn’t sure if i could just link to the datagrids since everything is shown using the djblets templates
  • An idea i had was to make a tabs item, kind of like a sidebar, just for the rb.
    • I think that sounds fine to me. Re-usable components are good  – just don’t make more work for yourself than necessary.


  • I have been extremely busy with work this week and the whole weekend so I have not had time to code the things
  • There are some concerns:  the configuration widget can be quite complex and there are some Options fields that would need to be read from Python side.
  • What is left for you to complete besides configuration? Lots of clean up and adding support for other bug trackers. I mean support for things like posting comments and such.
  • There are still a number of open issues on my review request. I have not fixed them yet, those files are still under development and change frequently. I have been planning to first implement all features and then polish things.


  • I worked on the front end for adding widgets and posted a review request  even though its not finished, because I wanted design feedback.


  • Worked on responsive design on the login and registration pages: /r/5620/
    • really cool to see the responsive work you’re doing in those screenshots. 🙂
  • I still need to test it more and probably do a better implementation which requires more investigation on the CSS media query usage in general


  • [Excused – CMU on Spring Break]


  •  I think I am basically done with my task. I would appreciate some feedback, because I might be wrong =) .
  • But I have one problem with testing, testing getting_remote_remote is done with spy agency, so we don’t  need to call remote apis.But the problem is, when I setup the test, the HostingService object does not exist yet so I can’t replace the function call
  • I’ll look for the fake HS, as purple_cow suggested, but I will need  some direction with implementing one if I need to


  • I talked to ChipX86 yesterday about the best way to refactor my code for the github hook, and will be going about doing that this week 🙂


  • [Excused – Traveling]


  • I have been quite busy this week, i updated the review request just now
  • I think i have to clear at least a day for next week to dig deep with highlighting the url


  • So I’ve been trying to add functionality to the incremental diff expansion. When I click on it nothing happens and I think it has something to do with either the chunk I pass in or the file

General tips

  • Keep up the good work. Please start looking at each other’s review requests
  • Please review one another, even if it’s just to ask questions about how something is working.The more eyes, the better

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