Meeting Minutes: March 23, 2014

Announcements / General tips

  • Even on break, we’d really like people to try to attend the meetings.
  • For some of you, we’re getting close to the end. If you’re in need of reviews, come get us.
  • When you’re working on fixes to your changes based on our feedback, please click “Fixed” on issues as you’re fixing them locally, and not when you put your new change up for review. That helps us to keep track of how far you are, even if we haven’t seen the new change yet. It also helps you to treat the open issues as a todo list, and prevents accidentally closing issues prematurely.
  • ..that offer extends to you all, btw (about not having to stop contributing when the term ends)
  • As we get closer to the end, make sure you come to us during the week with anything and remind us to look at things if you go even a day without a review.



    • The bug infobox is fetch similarly as the user infobox, with mysterical “load” function, I suppose it is djblets stuff. Is there any way to catch 404 with that? Or how should I handle cases where the bug tracker does not support fetching the meta data? SOLVED


[Excused: MIT on break]


  • Sounds like you’ve got things for us (and the rest of the team!) to review. Sounds like you’re nicely oriented for the finish line – plenty of time to iterate on review feedback.
  • I still need to define the hook’s URL in directly, but this requires bhushan89’s work on URL patterns for hosting services. I’ve already done this to check that it works though (and it does)!
  • Something you can do is take his patch and commit it to a branch locally, then make your branch off of that, and post only your commits.
  • Besides that, I think my projects are all basically done, so I was thinking of fixing some bug if I end up with extra time in the week?
  • Bug fixes are great :D. But, if you’d like to work on something else we would totally love it as well. You don’t have to stop contributing when the term ends 😉
  • Plus, there are other review requests to give reviews on.


  • I’ve added the repository_url property in the Bitbucket class. When we register, the urls should have been added to the patterns, as tested in request 5510. But it’s not getting added. I tried doing ./ develop and ./contrib/internal/, but that didn’t work.
  •  Yea that’s the main roadblock right now.
  • So I need to create a Bitbucket repo and connect it in reviewboard ?
  • You’ll need to do that for your real-world testing, definitely.
  • <heapify> bhushan89: (I actually left a review with 2 changes that should fix your problem)
  • Also, I’d like to discuss about my midsem feedback with the mentors.
  • Lastly,  there are some comments I made on heapify’s review request. That will help me with my project as well.
  • So, heapify is basing some of her work on yours… are you going to have to do something similar?
  • So I’ll try following the rbt commands to merge with her branch.


  • I like the idea of distilling the topbar with a drawer menu, the title, and the search icon with responsive media queries. So you’ve got to get some code down for that. Try to get us something every week that we can look at. You should be able to plow through a few things. Even if each is very prototype-y.
  • Right, Joonas_ is on titlebar duty.


  • I’ve been practicing media queries.
  • Try to get us something every week that we can look at. You should be able to plow through a few things. Even if each is very prototype-y.
  • I can do the review pages.
  • Do you think the review request pages are a discrete enough chunk? Something tells me you might want to distill it down further. To a single UI element or something. Like, perhaps the review details box at the top. And then once you get that done, move on to another UI element. Does that make sense?
  • Yes.


  • I finished testing the new hosting services this week and addressesd most of the feedback I got on my review yesterday. There were a few things that I wasn’t sure about in the feedback, so I left comments on the review – if ChipX86 could take a look that would be great. Especially what get_item for both of the new apis should return.
  • Like, just take WIP out of the summary, and we’ll really pound on the patch – I think you’re at that stage. That’s just a convention for you to indicate that big pieces are still missing and we should take that into account when looking at the patch. If all the pieces are there and you’re just fixing up review stuff, take it out of WIP.
  • Outside of that, I was also wondering what should I focus on in my last two weeks?
  • 1) Reviewing other review requests is one thing.
  • 2) Find a “smaller” bug in the issue tracker (use your best judgement, or ask one of us to find you one). Maybe not an EasyFix, since you’ve got the chops now to tackle bigger things.
  • 3) Ask us if we can find you a smaller project to hack on for the last few weeks.
  • Anything else I can do for the APIs? if not, I’ll start picking up bugs
  • There is a ton to do there (and your work is getting us a large step of the way). Just need to see what’s suitable for 2 weeks.


  • I’ve refactored the code based on ChipX86 review, but I somehow managed to get things mixed and now the code wipes the comment flags out when a code line link is created.
  • Can you put that change up for review? We might be able to spot the problem.
  • Ok.
  • For the part 2: i’m aslo wondering when the page loads it somewhere while rendering removes #-char from the URL.
  • We use backbone routers for handling the “#…” stuff. So you’d need to read about those and integrate with that. David wrote all the routing code for the diff viewer and can probably help out.
  • But yeah i’ve fixed most of the things mentioned in the review, i have to update the review.
  • We already mentioned this, but while you’re going through your fixes, can you please tick off your issues as “fixed”? We like to track your progress.


  • I’ve been working on displaying the tabs for the reviews and review requests on top of the grid.
  • Were you successful in architecting it in a re-usable way?
  • I’m working on that now, i can get that up for review probably today or tomorrow.
  • If i bring both pages into a single view they won’t have separate urls. Where can i pass in the info to know what i’m trying to view? Solved


[Excused: MIT on break]


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