Meeting Minutes: May 4, 2014

General Announcements:

  • Final week for TUT, so review requests out of WIP ASAP and start the final review cycles.
  • MIT has about 2 weeks.
  • Since time is running low, it’s a good idea for everyone to try and be updating there code as often as possible.
  • Make sure to keep the feedback loop tight these final days. If you have an issue or question don’t hesitate to ask.
  • We’re most active in here (IRC), so come in here and poke us. And stay in IRC. Use your bouncers if you’re not always in here.


  • I fixed the issue with removing widgets. I load them all. And then change the dom in the javascript. like mike suggested. Also thanks to purple_cow for the detailed code review. I’m currently working on that.
  • purple_cow: When do you expect to have new code up on reviewboard?
  • 2 hours after this meeting.
  • smacleod: What are your next steps? what’s needed until we can get these requests out of WIP?
  • Just cleaning up my code, getting more reviews.
  • And new pictures (screenshots for the widgets).
  • smacleod: Excellent, I’d say you can probably take the WIP tags off then and really start finalizing things.


  • So I posted new review request about changes to Bugzilla support and have been fixing issues on the other review requests.
  • smacleod: awesome! What’s holding you back now from taking things out of WIP?
  • Adding caching to bug trackers as purple_cow suggested.
  • And find out a way to get the bug tracker url inside the BugTracker instances. But that can be given outside so it is probably not an issue.
  • smacleod: Alright, since this is your last week you’ll want to really start nagging us for reviews and start finalizing things.


  • The mobile menus now seem to work so I can probably take my patch out of WIP.
  • smacleod: Awesome! it looks like we need to get you some reviews on r/5620.
  • smacleod: is there anything other than reviews blocking you from finishing this up?
  • I don’t think so. I will take it out of WIP to get reviews.


  • So i’ve been working on sandboxing the register things. And I think right now for those, I just need to write the tests.
  • The one i was working on was r/5738 for ReviewRequestFieldSEt.
  • I had a question about the tests though. so when I make a test hook, how do I make it cause an error – since it’s not directly calling a function in the hooks?
  • purple_cow: You’ll want to create fieldset and field classes that raise exceptions in the methods you wrapped. And then your hook will just include those. You’ll want to have a test for every function that can be called into.
  • ChipX86: There are lots of functions, and they should all be sandboxed. Every one of the functions that’s called externally. Just go through each one, grep the codebase, see how it’s called, sandbox, write a unit test for that code path, and test before/after your sandboxing.
  • smacleod: If you get any more questions like this, or have questions about specific code paths etc. come to us immediately in IRC.


  • smacleod: Could you please update the blog status report to include a link to the bug “Mike suggested”.
  • So I refactored and updated my code according to purple_cows comments. And the part 2 is also now out of WIP. So I’m pretty done with those, though I’m waiting for more reviews.
  • purple_cow: I still see an open issue on that review request.
  • smacleod: ( )
  • Yeap, I was hoping you could see trough my code and see if I made the changes you wanted. Because I’m not sure I understood it right.
  • purple_cow: Can you reply to that comment with that question so that when I come back to this later I’ll remember that?
  • Yeap. I’ll do that.
  • smacleod: if you have any questions like that this week make sure to bring them to us immediately.
  • Yes, I will.


  • smacleod: Ah, those instructions for setting up extensions are way out of date.
  • I was wondering if it might be better to work on some bug fixes for the rest of the semester.
  • purple_cow: At this point, I’d say probably.
  • purple_cow: Try not to do any of the EasyFix ones because we have a new crop of students coming soon.
  • purple_cow: We can look through the tracker after this meeting.
  • Is it possible to get reviews on my request before the last week – just in case there’s something i need to fix?
  • purple_cow: I’m happy with it but because of its size, at least one of the other mentors should look before we push. So… other mentors, get to it.

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