Meeting Minutes: May 25, 2014


Mentors: Christian, David, Mike, Steven, Anselina

Students: Peter,  Volodymyr, Raheman, Salam, Matthew


  • Try to split work into 3 to 4 hour chunks
  • Add links to hackpads and diffs for notes and diffs/interdiffs

Round Robin


  • made mockups for UI
  • m_conley – likes the mockups, going to look at it more then hand it back
  • ChipX86 – start working on mockups or intial code or something for backend. Do WIP change or hackpad with infrastructure design before doing too many unit tests


  • mentors – will get back on how to link file attachments to reviews. ChipX86 is recommending a M2M relationship, but purple_cow is concerned about the complexity as referencing these relationships directly instead of the ORM handling it is rare.
  • What is ScreenshotThumbnail?
    ChipX86: you can comopletely ignore that. That predates generic file attachments.


  • mentors – link uploaded images to users rather than the comment. This allows for easier monitoring of upload privilege abusal.
  • How are backbone models and api resources related? Some models extend Backbone.Model directly, but don’t provie mechanisms for syncing with backend stuff.
    ChipX86: Not all models have a server0side representation, only those extending BaseResource are ones that talk to the API. Most models just store local state and do thinks like compute new state, send events, etc.


  • developed a basic understanding of code structure
  • having problems with ‘intelligently’ fetched chunks for each comment
    ChipX86:  We inject the <script> tag because that allows the browser to cache it, making future page loads faster. It’s an advantage over using an API for it. The project is going to be a lot less about the front-end and more about the diff backend code and it may get complex.
  • Switching projects as a result


  • How to get more info on the commit a diff is based on?
    smacleod: so the review request should have access to information about the base commit etc. well, the filediff.
  • Looking to get more git control in the python code
  • It was recommended to focus more on general architecture initially as it will be the more difficult task

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