Meeting Minutes: June 1st, 2014


Mentors: Christian, Steven, Anselina, David

Students: Peter,  Volodymyr, Raheman, Salam, Matthew


  • Get access to the RB Students blog via David
  • Hop onto IRC with questions – Don’t wait more than a day!
  • Multiple tasking? Make a branch for each review request. Also, be very explicit with review request summaries making it easier to review form the dashboard.
  • CSS changes – include screen shots of before and after

Round Robin


  • Pseudo code drafted for notifications.
  • Need to create hackpad with design docs, UI and architecture
  • Focus on a higher level, more time spent planning is less work and mistakes later
  • Read through Django models docs


  • backbone views – create vs init:
    • tutorials/singletons have a create method but most classes don’t need one
  • backbone views – $(‘body’) allowed?
    • Generally no. When constructing code in the view, create an element that can be passed in by the caller.
  • backbone views – How to make template smaller
    • Replace modalbox with what you can find in $.fn.modalBox(), you don’t need to create modalbox-bg, modalbox-inner etc from scratch.
  • attachment_id = models.IntegerField();attachment_revision = models.IntegerField(); is considered to be bad?
    • fileAttachments will have an id of a ForeignKey to the FileAttachmentHistory (allowing null values, so null=True. See DiffSet/DiffSetHistory)


  • Updated his hackpad (including awesome video)


  • Work on the .less file instead of the .css, .css shouldn’t be committed.
  • Break up reviewable changes into separate commits


  • passing a file path to the tools
    • put the path behind a method/property, generate it at start and can do it lazily later on.

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