Meeting Minutes for June 15, 2014


  • There are 8 more meetings remaining until the end of the term.
  • Status reports should come in as soon as possible.
  • Include a title or link to your project description in your status reports

Round Robin


  • Cleared up confusion surrounding project switch/goals (Still assigned to the
    Checklist extension project)
  • Rework current stuff so it is consistent with Reviewboard’s styling.
  • Original spec for the Checklist Extension can be found


  • To maintain ordering of file’s in a review request it was resolved that a
    field indicating order should be added to the FileAttachmentHistory model.
  • Attachment diffs should work like regular diffs in that it should be
    possible to compare two arbitrary revisions using some kind of slider
  • Use existing ReviewUI classes for diffing different kinds of Attachments
  • Further feedback will be given on review request this week


  • Matthew wasn’t sure where to find the commit id
  • smacleod mentioned that the base commit id should be part of the diffset
    model and won’t be found in the request object.
  • See for an example
  • Additional questions on Matthew’s hackpad.


  • DnD file editor code ready for review.
  • Intend to start to start working on back-end stuff this week.


  • Having trouble getting reviewboard to recognize extensions
  • heapify suggested changing django.conf.urls.defaults to
    django.conf.urls since the former is now deprecated in Django
  • m_conley answered some of Peter’s hackpad questions

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