Meeting Minutes: June 22, 2014


Mentors: Christian, Steven, Anselina, David

Students: Volodymyr, Raheman, Salam, Matthew



  • Make sure to include
    • “Project: …” line on status reports
    • “Links to anything you’ve done this week”


Round Robin

Raheman Vaiya

  • Create a separate model for User Files

    • It’s perfectly fine to keep it as a FileAttachment

  • Go with the FileAttachment way


Volodymyr Lyubinets

  • Is it OK to create a new view for the slider with just one selector for the purpose of specifying revision

    • Make the existing one handle either single revisions or ranges

  • Come up with a general solution instead of duplicating code if possible

  • There’s pluggable support for thumbnail rendering for binary files.

  • There’s a common base class for ReviewUIs, which is pretty simple, and there’s a common template


Matthew Maclean

  • Don’t be afraid to use/copy any code from rbtools
  • rbtools does know how to apply the Review Board diffs to a working directory

  • To show a diff in RB, we need to apply the patch onto something

    • if that something is a commit or set of commits that aren’t pushed upstream to the repository, then a diff of those commits are provided. That’s the parent diff

    • the parent diff is applied to the codebase,and then the diff going up for review is applied onto that


Salam Alyahya

  • sketch out the UI workflows for templeting feature


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