Meeting Minutes for June 29th


  • Mike
  • Volodymyr
  • Steve
  • Christian
  • David
  • Salam
  • Peter


  • Midterm evaluations being sent out
  • Midterm evaluations are grades even if the courses ended now, there is still a chance to improve – direct feedback requests from mentors welcome
  • Email mentors regarding any concerns about progress

Round Robin

Volodymyr Lyubinets

  • I’m missing: serializedCommentBlocks, numRevisions, revision and attachmentHistoryId. Should I extend the existing API with these fields, or would we like to use a separate one?

    • David: makes sense to link to the relevant history object, and include the revision  but especially given serializedCommentBlocks, it makes sense to introduce something like the diff context API
  • Where is “Diff Context Resource” currently used?

    • It’s used by the diff viewer when dynamically reloading parts of the page after selecting a new revision

    • For now, makes more sense to reload the page when switching revisions
  • Priorities (in order) for rest of semester:
    • 1) Get the current code into good shape

    • 2) Add an option of choosing a revision for text, pdf and binary attachments. (With reloading for now).
    • 3) Perhaps change a UI of attachment thumbnails a bit, so that the Update button doesn’t take too much space
    •  4) Look into RBtools, and add possibility to specify which file you’re updating

Peter Tran

  • Need to add screen shots to review request – mandatory for CSS/HTML posts
  • Get user input via extension config

Salam Alyahya

  •  create the model now as per

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