Meeting Minutes for July 6


  • Volodymyr
  • Raheman
  • Salam
  • Mike
  • David


  • Six weeks left until the end of the term
  • Midterm evaluations should be done soon
  • Email mentors regarding any concerns about progress

Round Robin

Volodymyr Lyubinets

  • Demo video here
  • *Vlad: * A lot of code in the existing views assumes that there are two selectors, so recycling code is difficult
  • Mike: Try extending the existing view and only overriding the necessary parts
  • Vlad: I can either preload everything or make AJAX calls when the selector state changes, the latter approach seems
    favorable since it does not require everything to be pre-loaded in advance
  • David/Vlad: The existing FileAttachment web API should be
    used, the best way to do this is to create a revision/fileattachmentid map
    from the existing data.

Raheman Vaiya

  • Raheman: I focused more on the front-end component of my project this week,
    specifically I made some changes to the way DnDUploader works to
    prevent it from stealing focus when needed by an editor view.
  • Raheman: I plan to focus on model changes next, I am unfamiliar with jasmine
    and unit testing in general so I will also spend some time familiarizing
    myself with the relevant technologies
  • David: What about the API changes?
  • Raheman: I will get to those the week after
  • David: You should be able to use the existing FileAttachment API
  • Raheman: Won’t I need to extend it so it contains ownership data in the payload?
  • David: This should already be included since the user is authenticated with the server

Salam Alyahya

(regarding Salam’s style changes)

  • Mike: The textual x should be replaced by an icon
  • Mike: The stricture of the changes is fine but some of the colors look weird, it might be a good idea to
    re-use some of the colors from top row of the review-request box
  • Salam: A prototype for the extension’s template feature can be found here here
  • David: Simplify the templating system. Instead of allowing the user to cherry pick the desired items from the template, just
    import everything and leave it to the user to edit the result in the checklist.

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