Meeting minutes for July 13


  • Matt
  • Volodymyr
  • Raheman
  • Salam
  • Peter
  • Mike
  • Steven
  • David
  • Christian
  • Anselina


  • Five weeks left until the end of the term
  • Midterm evaluations are out
  • Germany won the World Cup

Round Robin

Volodymyr Lyubinets

  • Current UI for review of attachments is OK, work on thumbnail UI
  • Keep iterating

Matt Maclean

  • SMC tools: How to get request id form review request? Answer: Client code works by dynamically creating attrs on the Python object based on what comes back from the WebAPI. Also see
  • Synced up with smacleod on architecture questions

Peter Tran

  • Received guidance from Christian regarding how to interact with extension settings using JSExtensions
  • Needs more time to look into JSextensions examples
  • Line 164 of – what’s happening there? Answer: That line is just subclassing Extension. There’s a template tag used on every page that iterates through all registered JSExtensions in Python. Those point to the name of your RB.Extension subclass (here, RBSeverity.Extension)

Raheman Vaiya

  • Working on understanding the concept of form (in Django)
  • Is binary data is a separate part of the http request? Answer: it’s part of the POST data, stored as request.FILES
  • Running individual unit tests – see
  • Specifically, UploadFileForm, because it doesn’t appear to have rendering there. Answer: we render it in a template to a javascript payload, which we then turn into a formDlg

Salam Alyahya

  • Will be working on making a new web API for his project. See and for directions
  • Landed a couple of changes during the last week

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