Meeting Minutes: July 27, 2014


Mentors: Christian, David, Anselina, Mike, Steven

Students: Volodymyr, Salam, Raheman, Matthew, Peter


  • Deadline on submissions is August 12th, two weeks from now.
  • Get code out of WIP and budget time for code to be reviewed.
  • If patches are not landed on master, they’ll be put on a project branch to be continued afterwards (by you or someone else).
  • Put status reports and meeting minutes under the appropriate category.

Round Robin


  • Have some code to be reviewed
  • Is per node configuration of supported repositories in the MVP

    Yes, refreshing tools will need to be changed a bit and what is listened to at startup.


  • Reconsidering scope of work. Unsure if api or model changes are required. A front end change involving a placeholder seems like a better solution.

    There will be a jarring effect on the cursor if you backspace over the placeholder.  Approximating the link size with the placeholder will also be difficult. Using the actual link and making api changes is a better experience for the user.

  • Decided to hammer out the details of the api change after the meeting.



  • Found a couple places where together js is passing information, but not entirely sure on the update scroll messages.

    To trace it down, instead of looking through the code it might be easier to connect two clients to a session and having each client attach listeners to the message. Then you can watch what comes through. Check if it “just works”, if not we can dive into the code and figure out the configuration. Look first to see if the message exists, then look to see the information being passed.

  • Are my two open review requests close to being shipped? Should I document how to test it?

    We’ll give them another look. The CSS one looks close and we just need to test the other a bit. It would be great to set up some documentation in the extension on how to set up a hub. Also, if you could include all of the modes of the extension you tested while working on the CSS patch.


  • Posted Django template code as WIP, but not sure how to test it.

    You need to add a template to the templates folder of the checklist extension. Then in, that template_name can be set by default in the header to “checklist/options.html” (or whatever it is called). You can pass variables etc to the template and have your template extend our base template.

  • Going to talk with purple_cow on the subset of the project which is possible within the remaining time.


  • More or less blocked on reviews. I wan tto get one of the diffs landed this week (as it doesn’t change behaviour). The others will need to go to a project branch.

    If the UI isn’t perfect, we’ll keep improving it before it’s released, or you can keep hacking on it after the course finishes. We’ll review your code.





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