TL;DR RB Workflow

Assuming you’ve set up your VM following Steven MacLeod‘s environment setup guide:, this is a high level workflow for review board students.
git checkout -b your-well-described-branch // Create a branch for your task
/* Code code code */
git status // Identify all the files you’ve edited
pep8 // Style check your python files
jshint javascript-files.js // Style check your python files
git add files-to-commit // Add the files you want to commit.
git status // Verify you have added everything you intend to, this is an important step to keeping clean commits
git commit -m “Your detailed commit message” // Commit your files
rbt post // Submit your commit for review (Dashboard -> OutGoing -> Open) // Your review request is in draft mode by default. Select reviewers, fill out the fields and “Publish”
/* Wait for reviews – You will be notified via email when you get one */ // See all your corrections
/* Code / Make corrections */
Repeat steps inclusively between the first git status to git commit (i.e. Code, check styles, commit)
rbt post -u // This updates your review request with your corrections. 
/* Wait for review and repeat the above steps until your code gets Shipped */

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