Status Reports: Sept 7, 2014

Barret Rennie

  • Got development environment set up
  • Ran into slight issue: reviewboard package requires ‘django-evolve’ version >=, but the PyPI only has version 0.7.3
    • django-evolution is part of the Review Board family of modules. You’ll want development versions of it, Djblets, Review Board, and RBTools.Sometimes you’ll pull the latest changes into your Review Board tree and get some breakage that that you didn’t see before. When that happens, go update django-evolution and Djblets, as development often happens across these modules that the other modules will depend on.
  • Did a bit of poking around the code base and the EasyFix bugs list. I submitted my first review request for an open bug.

Ryan Done

  • Got development environment set up on an Ubuntu laptop for the sprint, and a vagrant VM on Windows for working from home.
  • Encountered the same django-evolution issue that Barret did

David Kus

  • Got development environment set up on OS X using vagrant + VirtualBox
  • Played around with the demo a bit and explored the code base a little, getting used to Python and Django.

Nicole Xin

  • Got development environment set up on OS X using vagrant + VirtualBox
  • The instruction is very helpful but I did run into one issue that vagrant cannot find provider vmware_fusion so I use virtualbox instead. So far I cannot find any solution to this problem.
    • You need to get a license for the VMWare provider for vagrant. We can sort that out at the sprint or sometime after – it shouldn’t be a huge blocker.
  • For most of the links on the demo page, I received Error 500. And rest of them are almost empty(blanks everywhere). Is it just me or something went wrong?
    • Youch! How embarrassing. That should be fixed now.
  • I’ve been looking through the code and the EasyFix bugs list. I’ll try to work on some bug tomorrow.

Justin Maillet

  • Got development environment set up
  • Ran into django-evolution problem, but got it sorted over IRC
  • I have been exploring Review Board trying to get a handle on how the code is organized, what it does, and how it all works together. I’ve also been brushing up on python an django. I’ve also started poking around the easy bug fixes.
  • What is the release schedule like for Review Board?
    • “When it’s ready.” We don’t have a set schedule. Instead, if we feel a release is ready (has some features we want to expose, or some important fixes, or any security fixes), we’ll release.
  • What other projects use Review Board?
    • There’s an estimated 3000+ companies using Review Board. This includes companies like Twitter, VMware, Yahoo, Cisco, Mozilla, and many other large names that we can’t list here (due to not having permission to publicly post yet), but can discuss in private.The KDE desktop environment on Linux also uses Review Board for code reviews, as does the Apache foundation, OpenH264, and others.
  • What will be happening at the event on Thursday?
    • Thursday is just a social event to meet people and get to know them.
  • What will the code sprint be like?
    • At the sprint, most of our time will be spent working on code. For anyone who hasn’t yet finished their dev setup or easy fix bugs, we’ll start with those (though you should be trying very hard to get that done before the sprint to optimize your time!). After that, we’ll all choose projects for the term and start in on those. At some point during all this, we’ll probably do some short talks about Review Board’s architecture and processes, and we’ll do a group code review session to demystify peer review.

Andrew Hong

  • Got a Linux Mint VM set up, but Review Board development environment has not yet been set up on it. Will do so when I get home on Monday
  • Been offline for a few days, and flying back to Toronto today (subsequently, must miss first meeting)
  • Have set up XChat on my VM, and waiting for a bouncer

Azad Salahli

  • Have not yet set up development environment or investigated Review Board, as I have just returned from a long vacation.
  • Will be attending the meeting.

Mark Loyzer

  • Struggling to get development environment set up – I had an issue with vagrant not being compatible with VMWare Fusion, so I had to switch to VirtualBox.
  • I’m having the same django-evolution issue as reported by Barret and others.
  • Looking to start some EasyFix bugs ASAP.

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