Status Reports: Sept 14, 2014


  1. If you didn’t have your development environment set up last meeting, do you have it set up now? If not, where are you blocked? (If you did have your development environment set up last week, just say “N/A”)
  2. What did you accomplish this week on Review Board in terms of EasyFix bugs? Please provide links to the bugs you’re working on, and any review requests you may have opened, or Hackpads you may have started.
  3. What do you plan to do next week?
  4. What is blocking you from making progress?
  5. Any other questions – anything at all!

Barret Rennie

  1. N/A.
  2. I’ve been working on two things:
    1. The student project idea for allowing `rbt post` and `rbt diff` to exclude local files from the command line. I have an idea on how to proceed, mainly by creating a filterdiff[1]-esque tool for each SCM. It is just a matter of getting diff output for cvs, svn (which I can set up this weekend to check), and clearcase. While working on this I stumbled across (ii).
    2. Bug 3565 [2], where rbt crashes when hg upstream is empty. I know why it is crashing, it is just a matter of determing what the correct behaviour should be when the upstream is empty. This bug may also apply to other SCMs (e.g., in git you /can’t/ diff against an empty upstream) so perhaps a overall fix for all SCMs is in order.
    3. My hackpad is at
  3. I plan on getting a rough sketch of the filterdiff working for at least hg and git this weekend, hopefully the other SCMs, too. I also want to see if bug 3565 applies to other SCMs and attempt a fix for it.
  4. I don’t know if I will be able to test (i.) on all SCMs (Perforce and Plastic appear to be commercial products).

Ryan Done

  1. N/A
    Picked out an easy fix bug to work on. I’ve sifted through some of the JS code and have *almost* narrowed down where I should be fixing this behaviour. I’ve also got a pretty good idea of how to fix it, or at the very least the behaviour that causes the bug. Also polished up on my git a bit. Will at the very least have a WIP review for Sunday going.
  3. Fixing the bug, and if I haven’t already get a review for that going. Then looking into project ideas, and packing for code sprint.
  4. Nothing quite yet.
  5. IRC has been pretty good about any immediate questions that come up.

David Kus

  1. Got my development environment set up using vmware instead of virtualbox.
  2. Fixed Issue 3542 Review requests allow drag-and-drop of attachments when not logged in.
    The fix has been merged.
    For reference:
    – Issue:
    – CodeReview: working on Issue 3437 Double-clicking to Add a Comment in the Diff View Discards Any Comments Made
    – Issue:
  3. Continue working on Issue 3437. Once I get that done, I want to start looking deeper into the Student Projects and decide on which one I’d like to do.
  4. I have an idea for solving issue 3437, not sure if its the best way to go about it though. The solution I had in mind involves making it so that clicking on a comment flag for a comment that’s already open does nothing (instead of closing and reopening it). It’s a bit different from the way Christian(chipx86) was looking at it I think (from what I’ve gathered from his comment on the issue). I’d like to know what he thinks about it.
  5. None

Nicole Xin

  1. Last week I set up the dev environment with virtualbox since vagrant is unable to install the plugin for vmware_fusion. This week, it was solved by upgrading vagrant to v1.6.4, seems like a bug with the previous version.
  2. I’m working on issue 3532: I’ve narrowed down where I should be fixing but I still struggling around here. And I’m also getting familiar with the review model. There’s also another bug found by ChipX86 during our talk on IRC, but I’m unable to file it as a new issue on google code. It’s basically a link to a comment with corresponding box expanded with ‘+’ button (while it should be a ‘-‘). The underlying behaviour is correct. Somehow I have no clue where this part locates. Too bad.
  3. I plan to work on these two bugs next week, get familiar with the code base, then spend some time checking out the project ideas.
  4. Issue 3532 “a link to a particular review” seems to have a similar behaviour to “a link to a particular comment”. As I mentioned above, what is blocking me is that I cannot find where this parts goes. Or, fundamentally, how do I know it’s a link to a comment or review, or review request? (Just so I can deal with them differently.) Uh, since I’m fairly new to web dev, lots of questions I guess.
  5. It just seems to me that issue 3444(confirmation when discarding a pending review) & 3300 (Autocomplete is too aggressive) is already fixed before the term start. Can someone confirm?

Justin Maillet

  1. N/A
  2. I have started looking into Issue 3300: Add a confirmation when discarding a pending review<> and I’m going to pick another one to work on this week. No hack pads or review requests yet.
  3. I plan to get the first issue fixed or at least reviewed and start working on the second. Also, I plan to setup a hack pad for notes.
  4. Django, and I’m having trouble figuring out how the code in review board is organized. I’m going to have to work though it this coming week.
  5. Will we be going back to the hotel each night during the code sprint? or sleeping there?
    How do tickets, tokens and the buses in toronto work?
    Can someone help me get an understanding of how the code is organized?
    How do we get review board running in our test environment to test if the bug has been fixed?
    Also any tips on traveling by plane?

Andrew Hong

  1. N/A
  2. Not much but I am figuring out my way around the code so I have found the class which may be causing bug: (Autocomplete is too agressive)
  3. Tackle #2 and trying to learn Django from various web sources at the same time. Also try to get more familiar with the code base.
  4. Django is, but I’m working on it 🙂
  5. Nope. Just an FYI, I will be logging attending the team meeting through my phone this Sunday, so if I’m slow to respond, you’ll know why.

Azad Salahli

  1. I’ve set up my dev environment by hand (without a VM).
  2. I’ve looked at EaseFix bugs, and is interested in issue #3438 (
  3. I’m planning to get myself familiar with the code organization next week. In the meantime, I’ll be fixing #3438 trying to get it done until I arrive in Toronto.
  4. My poor understanding of the code structure prevents me from focusing on the bug itself. Somehow, I cannot reproduce the bug (I’m not getting any emails at all when a user registers) and I don’t know if I should configure something in order to get admin emails.
  5. See #4

Mark Loyzer

  1. I DO! have my development environment setup.  Thanks to Mike and Chris for helping me out.
  2. I initially started looking into issue 3438 ( but after a long time I just couldn’t reproduce the issue.

    @Azad: Mike suggested this to me:

    It supposedly redirects emails to the console/file (depending on which setting you choose). So, after not being able to reproduce issue 3438 I decided to delve into issue 3452 ( and now see that Ryan is working on it too…

  3. I’d like to get an Easy fix done.  I planned to get a [WIP] checked in but I didn’t know Ryan was also working on this bug too and he said he was going to submit a WIP.  As of right now I’m not sure which bug I will focus on because it doesn’t make sense for two people to fix the same bug.
  4. Lack of knowledge regarding Django and how the code is structured and functions within the application.
  5. How should we determine which work item we do?  Like I started working on issue 3452 but now I see that Ryan has started to as well.  Should we post a comment in the issue’s detail page to grab dibs?

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