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Meeting Minutes: April 27, 2014

General Announcements:

  • We’re close to end of term.
  • CMU ends next Friday.
  • TUT ends the week after that
  • MIT ends the week after that
  • bhushan89/bro1: your projects should be out of WIP and up for review around Monday to give us time to do some review iterations
  • If any of you are panicking right now, ping us after the meeting, either in here, or via email
  • ChipX86: have been getting less time to answer questions because of family emergency. That’s probably going to continue for the next few days.
  • m_conley: it’s end of quarter, and I’ve been in a crunch to ship a thing. If any of you have been blocked and felt like you’ve not gotten enough mentor eyes on you, please send email.


  • Mostly done with adding/removing widgets
  • realized that when I remove a widget, it doesn’t show up in the adding widgets modal unless i refresh the page. So it’s not entirely ajax friendly though because i need to be able to access the django template variables in javascript. is there any easy way to do this?
  • purple_cow: which template variables?
  • Stephanie: when i have variables from the view that are embedded in html
  •  or can i write javascript in the html template code?
  • m_conley: can’t the UI just move the widget into the add widget modal after a successful remove? all client-side ?
  • purple_cow: generally, you can use django templates to write out javascript (usually inside a <script> tag), but depending on your specific use case, m_conley’s suggestion of just having all the data on the client side to begin with might be best
  • ChipX86: without knowing the code, my first instinct is that the model generated by the template should have the list of all possible widgets and the enabled ones, and then the javascript code hsould manage that list when adding/removing
  • Stephanie: so i’m doing the other ajax stuff in reviewboard/static/rb/js/admin.js. i think i can try that. just getting better screenshots and a new remove icon
  • m_conley: don’t worry bout that. We can drop in assets even after the project is done


  • m_conley: You’re out of WIP for JIRA! That’s great!
  • well, out of WIP for the bug tracker interface. and JIRA too, but I did not get the rr up yet.
  • I had some weird import issues. turns out one can not import file.class if the file containing the import is also named file =)
  • no, I got it. will post it tomorrow morning at latest and then go on to add support for bugzilla
  • m_conley: given the remaining time left in the term, how far do you think you’ll get with Bugzilla?
  • I would say that I have time for bugzilla and one more. I could try google code
  • But that would mean parsing their HTML or rss feeds. But it is doable.
  • m_conley: so yes, please post your finalized patch when you can, and we’ll get eyes on it for final review.
  • r/5531 is finalized now. the JIRA support will be in its own review request


  • m_conley: very cool screenshots
  • so updated the part 1 based on comments and I have a question about the part 2.
  • should the link also work with url like /r/1/diff/#file2,350#file2,140. so like stacking the urls? or is it fine if it works only with one link ?
  • m_conley: I think we should stick with the one for now.
  • ChipX86: we can only support one link
  • so then the part 2 it’s all about what style you want for the highlighted line
  • m_conley: I think we should just pick an arbitrarily sane one, and then tweak it as we see fit. The colour is easy to tweak. my vote is for light purple, but I’m pretty easily swayed.
  • smacleod: I liked purple as well
  • m_conley: let’s go with that for now. let’s get that patch out of WIP and ready for real review.
  • m_conley: <m_conley> Audore: with Part 1 and Part 2 going through review iterations, what are your next plans?
  • Just get those out and working
  • m_conley: after you get Part 2 out of WIP, start cruising the issue tracker. Either several EasyFix or one normal issue might be a good choice. I can help you choose one after the meeting if you like.


  • i’ve looked into the checklist extension since there are posts on the blog about it.
  • m_conley: we’ll get to it ASAP. We might have to deprio it just a little though since your term ends last.
  • m_conely: what were you interested in doing with it?
  • mostly looking for something i could do with the time left It could use some work on the visuals
  • purple_cow: the original change used a bunch of images which we don’t have copies of.
  • m_conley: trying to make it fit in with the rest of RB would be a good idea.
  • purple_cow: spent some time working on getting that change into a branch for rb-extension-pack. I can push that branch for you to work on
  • m_conley: tamijo: are you comfortable installing / enabling extensions in RB, or do you have questions on that?
  • i can try this week and ping you all on irc if i run into trouble
  • m_conley: There are a few blog posts that should help. The thing to note, however, is that when you install the Python egg, you’ll want to do “python develop”


  • I’m unable to do rbt post using the googlecode hg repository. The rbt-setup issue is the same as #5644 which I logged
  • it’s issue #3314
  • m_conley: try a fresh pull of rbtools as soon as you’re done your status report, and if you’re still hitting this, can we try to sort it out after the meeting?
  • Yes
  • so your fixed iteration cannot be counted towards your final evaluation. So just post it as soon as you can, is my recommendation
  • So googlecode also supports git, but not on reviewboard right ? I didn’t see an option to add a git repository on the admin page.
  • ChipX86: looks like we don’t support git there (we should!)
  • m_conley: would it help you if we added a git repo to our Google Code project?
  • Well, it’s working for svn. So I’m testing on that as of now


  • So i would like confirmation if this design works ( this is opened when the menu icon is pressed.
  • m_conley: can you also post a screenshot when the menu is closed? I assume both the titlebar and the navigation are collapsed
  • yes both are closed
  • ok so this week my plan is to improve and organize my code and do testing.
  • m_conley: sounds good – although you might be able to squeeze in shrinking down the titlebar down a bit too – that RB icon might not need to be so large… and the “Review Board” title is kinda small and off center. But let’s see the screenshot
  • i will post 1 screenshot with how it is now and one shrinked tomorrow at the latest.
  • m_conley: start orienting yourself to post a final patch


  • I’m *almost* ready to take things out of WIP for
  • So thats pretty much the entirety of the reviewpage. This week i worked on how to display the diffs.
  • I actually made it so that the diff viewer is scrollable horizontally
  • so really one like of css (after messing with the js for a while…). which is alright
  • m_conley: can you somehow show us what that looks like? either a video, or screenshots?
  • i think its usable, but i was wondering if the mentors have any other inputs on possible deasign choices
  • i can take a video perhaps. can i post videos on rb? I’m not sure if we have a filesize cap.
  • m_conley: might be better to post a video on Vimeo or YouTube and post the link