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Near the finish line


So I just posted my final review. This was the work I’ve done for the Review Board user page. It took a while to get the style right, but the end result is simple and elegant (or at least I think so). Anyways while I wait for feedback I will finish my screencast. I had drawn a story board, and begun taking screenshots/video of possible slides. I have a few ideas to ‘spice’ things up, but we will see how time permits. I’m planning to be finished the screencast by Friday.

Seeing as most of my work is posted I will sum up my work this semester:

  • Spelling mistake.
  • Review draft, invalid user/group warning.
  • Collapsible reviews.
  • One-click ship it.
  • Review Board user page (with hover preview).

The spelling mistake review was purely to get my feet wet. The invalid user/group review was not as simple as I thought, but it was a good starting point for using Review Board’s CSS and JavaScript. My first major contribution was the collapsible reviews. I would have liked to use more JavaScript (for animation), but opted to side with efficiency with mostly CSS. The one-click ship it, was a simple modification to the ui to allow an easy way to submit a simple review. Finally the last piece of work I have contributed was the user page. It’s simple, but I could expand on the design later.


End of Term todo

Hi Folks,

Ok so currently I am starting to plan out my screencast, and am trying to finish the user page. I suspect I will finish both, but the user page will probably need more work. I will post a review shortly. Anyways here is what I am thinking.

Nov 21 – Nov 27

  • Finish implementation of user page.
  • Finish planning of screencast.
  • Consider future work.

Nov 28 – Dec 4

  • Finish screencast.

Dec 5 – Dec 11

  • Tie up loose ends.
  • Continue adding to the user page (outside of the course).

It doesn’t feel like I have much to do, but we will see. I’m hoping to finish coding by next week, and finish the screencast by the 4th. Hopefully this will leave me time to polish the deliverables. Good luck to everyone!

P.S. Here are some screenshots of the current version of the user page.

Username Hover

User Page

Status Reports For November 14th

– Working on user page. Have a decent start. Hopefully post picture soon.
– None.
Next Steps:
– User Page review

– Finished working and (almost all) testing on installer. Gonna post-review the final version of the code tonight or tomorrow
– Still working on the file attachment project. Hopefully will post first draft next week.
– None.
Next Steps:
– Keep working on file attachment.

– Submitted a major update to our code base regarding the resources and server interface.
– Working on integrating my chunks of the API with Brendan’s to create more rb scripts.
Road Blocks:
– None.
Next Steps:
– Grab Brendan’s latest work and add basic scripts such as “create” to the scripts that have already been made.

– got client code working.
– Lindsey + Brendan’s code = together
– I was behind on my work, and slowed Lindsey and I down this week
Next Steps:
– writing commands

– Had a meeting with Mike to figure out all this webhooks stuff. Wrote a blog post about it. See blog post for more details.
– None.
Next step:
– Apply my new webhooks knowledge to my new extension.

– Posted an intermediate code review for bug tracker integration.
– Worked with Mike to solve the problems of post-review and Githud account connection.
– Posted an code review for an issue for extension installation.
Next steps:
– Moved forward to other bug trackers integration
Road blocked:
– My computer died last week. Everything I did before are lost. I spent most of this week
to recover the code and the project installation. Therefore, there are some delays on my

Minutes for November 7th

November 7th, 2010

  • It’s crunch time and if any help is needed ASK 😉
  • Soft deadline of December 7th (until further notice…)
  • Hard deadline of December 10th (until further notice…)
  • Start gathering ideas about the ‘screencast’
  • Think about ways of presenting the work that has been completed such as wxwidgets or pygtk
  • Repository set up for ‘extensions’
  • Post reviews! Best way of improving the project or gaining clarification

Another update


So I just posted an update for collapsible reviews, and posted the first version of ‘one-click shipit’. The one-click was very simple I think, and I’m sure it will make the process a tad more convenient. The update of collapsible reviews was mostly just style changes.

I decided that my 3rd project will be creating a ‘user’ page. Currently I’m hoping to have a picture, description, groups the user is in, and reviews the user has created. This may or may not be finished by the 7th, but I’m really hoping to get a big chunk of it done. Hopefully I can post a draft of it by Nov 14th. Anyways that’s all I’ve been up to. Back to working!


Change of plans


So originally after the code sprint my plan was to finish collapsible reviews and implement a post-commit model of code review. Well I enjoyed working with the interface so much that I decided to switch projects. I am almost finished collapsible reviews, and have started ‘One-click Ship it!’. This is simply a way of quickly creating a review that says ‘Ship it’ without using the inline form.

I’m also looking to improve some usability aspects of the site. Christian has given me a bunch of options, so after I’m finished with my previous two projects I’ll figure out what next to do.