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Status Reports – November 8 2014

Ryan Done:

What project are you working on?
File attachment diff slider
What you accomplished this week?
I did a few quick changes on the paginator, and then unfortunately a family emergency came up so I really haven’t been able to get much code written this week. Terribly sorry about that.
Links to anything you’ve done this week
What you plan to do next week?
Get a review request up for the diff slider, and do some more code reviews.
I fully intend to get some stuff done in the next two-three days to catch up, its just these last few nights have been kinda hectic for me.
What, if anything, is blocking you from making progress?
Any other questions?
Nope all good.

Andrew Hong:

What project are you working on?
Download Review Request Attachments as ZIP
Aggressive Autocomplete field for People/Groups
What you accomplished this week?
More background research into feasibility of packaging files into tar.gz instead. Clearer understanding now after discussions with ChipX86.
Tested ChipX86’s implementation of file chunking and understanding the code to implement it into ReviewBoard. The snippet seems to not work with “larger” files, works good for smaller ones so going to move forward and deal with larger files later.
Trying to fix autocomplete again, brainstorming/testing ways to better handle user input. Posted a question on IRC and waiting to hear back before moving forward.
Links to anything you’ve done this week
What you plan to do next week?
Start integrating ChipX86’s snippet into ReviewBoard and deal with the large file bug afterwards. I think it is because of the compression flag.
(finally) finish off the autocomplete?
What, if anything, is blocking you from making progress?
Any other questions?
Might have to put off the RBTools project that I somewhat started on 2 weeks ago.

Mark Loyzer:

What project are you working on?
Adding an extension to Review Board that will allow people to export a review request as PDF and XML.
What you accomplished this week?
Figured out how to add the body tops, bottoms, and comments to the PDF.
Implemented the printing Review objects and updated the format of the PDF.
Started implementing the printing of Change Description objects.
Links to anything you’ve done this week & uploaded a new sample PDF document.
What you plan to do next week?
Finish implementing how the Change Descriptions should be displayed in the PDF.
What, if anything, is blocking you from making progress?
Any other questions?
For Change Descriptions, is there anyway to properly display the changes made?  Right now I’m using a dictionary to map that maps ‘plus’ to the attribute that represents what was added (either ‘added’ or new’).  But even then sometimes the value is an array or an array of arrays.
I know that is extremely vague, so, in summary, I am trying to display the changes made to the Review Request through the ChangeDescription’s ‘fields_changed’ attribute,  Do you suggest any way to properly print the information in this dictionary?

Justin Maillet:

What project are you working on?
I’m working on making New Extensions.
What you accomplished this week?
I’ve finished up sandboxing the extensions. All but two of the patches have been shipped, but the last ones will be soon.I found a bug in reviewboard/webapi/resources/, under certain conditions it was trying to pass None into the database, which prevents more database queries. The patch for that is currently in review.
Started doing research for the new extensions, and have some basic code written.
Links to anything you’ve done this week

What you plan to do next week?
This coming week, I plan to get the last few patches and the bug fix shipped. I also plan on completing at least two units of work from the new extensions; maybe more.
What, if anything, is blocking you from making progress?
Nothing is currently blocking me.
Any other questions?
What happens after this term is over and we want to continue working on reviewboard?

Nicole Xin:

What project are you working on? 
same as last week, general comments
What you accomplished this week? 
1. Improve general comments backend model and web-api
2. ‘Add comment’ button on review request page, green box pop up when click on it, but unfortunately so far general comments can’t be saved 😦
3. There is a bug in the reviewDialogView, where a comment must have a Thumbnail Template. This is solved by bypassing this step for general comments.
Links to anything you’ve done this week 
What you plan to do next week? 
1. Fix all the js-tests. (Before pulling from origin master, i passed all the test. But after pulling from origin master, there is a lot of merging conflicts in my front-end branch and I’m failing 7 tests, so i need to look into that next week)
2. Enable ’saving’ general comments
3. Improve and testing email
What, if anything, is blocking you from making progress? 
I think I might did the wrong way to create a commentDialogBox. (reviewboard/static/rb/js/pages/views/reviewablePageView.js line 264-270 in review request)
I’m getting error: ‘A “url” property or function must be specified’(Say, ERROR1) when I click on ‘Add comment’ on review request page, and now I won’t be able to type anything in the editor.
(Before pulling from master, I can type my comments in the editor. However, I’m getting the same error: ‘A “url” property or function must be specified’ if i click the ‘save’ button on the commentDialogView, but they have different traceback.(Say, ERROR2))
Now since I can’t type in any comment, I won’t be able to save. But if I click on ‘Add comment’ button again, it will actually give ERROR2 instead of ERROR1, as many as I want.
Any other questions? 
What do those txt files in the reviewboard/templates/notifications for?
I can see that they are different from those html emails, but how are they different and why?

 Azad Salahli:

 What project are you working on?
`rbt land` for landing changes
What you accomplished this week?
Implemented what was discussed in
Links to anything you’ve done this week
What you plan to do next week? 
To add support for patching others’ review requests before landing
What, if anything, is blocking you from making progress? 
I am having trouble using `rbt patch` inside `rbt land`. Calling other command’s main function doesn’t work because of command line arguments being missing. There is Patch.run_from_argv()` but it requires argv list, which is not present inside `Land.main()`.
The second option would be to execute `rbt patch` as an external command. But the same issue of having to provide argv list is there too.
Any other questions?
How can I programmatically verify that git commands executed successfully?

David Kus:

What project are you working on?
Drag ‘n Drop inline images into the markdown editor.
What you accomplished this week?
Connected front-end to backend. Dragging and dropping images into the markdown editor is now working, but some things still need to be considered. (see below).
Links to anything you’ve done this week.
Backend rr (still need reviews on this)
What you plan to do next week?
Working on adding a way to attach files to a rr when a markdown editor is open. Right now I’m disabling the current dnd overlay when you open a markdown editor (otherwise the overlay blocks the editor and you can’t drop a file into it). Not too sure how to go about doing this though.
What, if anything, is blocking you from making progress?
Should we keep track of the file upload progress (have a progress bar underneath the markdown editor when you drop in a file)? This was mentioned in the prototype, just not sure if it’s something that we need?
If we are tracking progress, should you be able to cancel an upload in progress (is this possible)?
Any other questions?
No other questions.

Barret Rennie:

What project are you working on?
I just finished up a bug where the diff fragment controls showed up in the review dialog. They no longer do and they won’t show up in emails either.

What you accomplished this week?
The above as well as doing a bit of tweaking on rbtools aliases.

Links to anything you’ve done this week

What you plan to do next week?
Start working on getting commit history to be pushed with rbi post.

What, if anything, is blocking you from making progress? needs a review

Any questions?


Meeting Minutes for October 12, 2014


Mentors: m_conley (Mike Conley), smacleod (Steven MacLeod), and heapify (Anselina Chia)

Students: rdone (Ryan Done), andrewhong (Andrew Hong), asalahli (Azad Salahli), dkus_ (David Kus), nicole_xin (Nicole Xin), justy777 (Justin Maillet), brennie (Barret Rennie), and mloyzer (Mark Loyzer).


Just that ChipX86 and purple_cow won’t be able to attend today’s meeting.

Round Robin:

andrewhong (Andrew Hong):

  • figured out an approach to pull files locally when attachments are hosted externally
  • can see development log for additional details
  • signed up for Amazon AWS
  • fixed the small bug/impediment where Storage settings in the administrator panel doesn’t save the chosen storage option or your credentials
    • narrowed down the bug to a save function not being called on the form but it still investigating as to why the function is not being called.
  • came across a different issue that corrupted external files when retrieving them and zipping them into an archive
  • no questions.

nicole_xin (Nicole Xin)[tuning in from Oktoberfest]:

  • working on general comments, finished building the web-api and tests
  • testing is to be done the week starting October 13
  • Impediment regarding:
    Currently my dev server can be run as usual, but when i click on a review request, it gives error “no such table: reviews_review_general_comments” 
    So I try to update the database using syncdb, but I’m receiving an error says:

    • “File “/src/reviewboard/reviewboard/”, line 10, in <module> from reviewboard.extensions.base import get_extension_manager “
  • asahli mentioned using ./reviewboard/contrib/internals/ to try to solve this?
  • but smacleod disagreed because the issue was with the import command, not with the way the database was setup (he was right. the command did not resolve the issue)
  • m_conley and smacleod suggested pulling all changes for review board (and other repos) and to give that a try to see if it works, otherwise come back and try to resolve the issue then.
  • heapify (at end of meeting) suggested to try running “find . -name ‘*.pyc’ -delete” and do syncdb again

r_done (Ryan Done):

  • Added a selector for non-alphabetic names and completed error handling on incorrect URL arguments as discussed near the end of last week.
  • Added unit tests to test this above behaviour^
  • Reworked the logic of when to display the paginator—now always displays instead of hiding it for a query less than one page
  • Came across the bug The cause is unknown but besides this r_done is almost done his project
  • m_conley & smacleod: unsure/no immediate ideas of what the problem is and can discuss/investigate the error more after the meeting
  • m_conley: you never know how long it will take to fix a bug (especially when unsure of what the reason is) so better to be safe than sorry

dkus (David Kus)

  • added local site relation to file attachments
  • also added permissions for accessing the file attachments
  • performed some minor code refactoring to BaseFileAttachmentResource and BaseReviewRequestFileAttachmentResource (fewf)
  • plans to finish backend stuff the week of Oct 13.
  • question: “How do I check if a user is a superuser?”
  • smacleod: need to login with the username and password when setting up your development environment
  • smacleod: alternatively you can use
  • m_conley: when you’re logged in as an admin you can go to the admin dashboard and see which users are/are not

brennie (Barrett Rennie)

  • moved “comment diff fragment expansions” out of WIP…so free for people to review (
  • submitted a small bug fix for improving error messages (
  • wants to start working on the student project idea “Add support for aliases to RBTools”
  • smacleod: suggest to investigate how aliases are currently implemented before relying on (ba)sh for unix/cmd for windows
  • other than that not much else from status report.

mloyzer (Mark Loyzer)

  • so i was working on it a fair amount yesterday and when I overwrote my local repo I had to re-set up entire environment and I ended up fixing the error and I’m at the point where my environment is set up, I just have to re-implement the changes again.  is there a way to grab the changes on a review request or should i just copy-paste/re-type them out?  It’s not a big deal though now
    • (m_conley)rbi patch is your friend..that will grab the patch for a particular review request and apply it locally
  • (m_conley)I’m starting to think that a review request put into a CSV makes no sense.
  • (mloyzer)yes!! you see what i mean with the embdeded structure of a reviews and comments within a review_request not abiding by the natural structure of a csv
  • (m_conley)that really doesn’t work out for a complex model like a review request, with has_many relationships
  • (smacleod)XML could make sense
  • (m_conley)but then once you add these nested objects you can’t properly order the data
  • (smacleod)XML is one choice. JSON is another.Suggest XML because this is a feature that will mostly be used for industries
  • (m_conley)Agree.
  • (smacleod & m_conley):scrap CSV/CSV is out
  • (m_conley)JSON might be the simplest, because we have JSON serialization built right in – that’s how much of the WebAPI works.  And I hope you don’t feel like you’ve wasted all of your time
  • (mloyzer)no, i think it was good.  I’m glad I could convince you that it didn’t seem right.  and in that case especially i really didn’t lose any code at all (except for maybe a few lines)
  • (smacleod)Just wait to implement it so ChipX86 and purple_cow and choose another format
  • Concluding: Working on updating a mock PDF document (version 2) but will want that reviewed asap.  i will nag (maybe m_conley again because he’s been helping me out) and post it in the general IRC again as well

justy777 (Justin Maillet)

Finally got the hang of searching through the code and have started taking more notes, and has almost got my unit test running.

(m_conley)in your status report you mention you’ve almost got your test working
(smacleod)it’d be great if you could post your WIP ASAP that would be awesome

Will get the WIP up asap.
had one question since status report but prefer doing that after the meeting in a private chat
Wants to try to get 3 extensions sandboxed for next week

asalahi (Azad Salahi)

One thing to add to my status report. I managed to get subversion work, and tested base_dir (gratz)

  • Hasn’t tested various invalid diffs with subversion though. just git and mercurial using pysvn instead of subvertpy
    • that’s good. subvertpy seems finicky (smacleod)
  • Has removed [WIP] tag, so if I can have full blown reviews, that’d be great.
    • so it looks like this is wrapping up, have you thought about what project you’d like to work on next? (smacleod)
  • Interested in working on `rbt land`
    • Sounds like a good project to transition to given what you’ve learned on this one. Any questions regarding the project? (smacleod)
  • how do I do the design process of this project (all the command line options and stuff)
    • m_conley:
      • imo, the best way to start is to examine the pre-existing ecosystem
      • check out how the other commands are implemented because likely the patterns will be similar
      • and take notes. Come up with some implementation ideas, judge for yourself which the best one is, and post a WIP
    • smacleod:
      • I would start by looking at the options “rbt patch” takes and how it works as your functionality will be most of “rbt patch” plus extra stuff for pushing
  • Question: is that doc auto generated, or can I just edit .rst files?