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Meeting Minutes: May 11, 2014

General Announcements:

  • TUT has finished term, evaluations will be out soon
  • Final week for MIT, reviews should be out of WIP
  • New students are joining from UCOSP
  • MIT students: last official meeting
  • An email will be sent out about an optional post-mortem and demos

Round Robin


  • m_conley: some of your work has been bundled into Review Board 2.0 RC3
  • Needs to pass in review_request_details to test the function – what format is that in?
  • purple_cow: if you look in reviewboard/reviews/, you’ll see several uses of ‘review_request_details’. If you trace those back you should see how the logic works
  • Wonders how to call get_queryset and pass in request
  • purple_cow: there are several options, easiest is probably importing the resource and calling it directly


  • mostly done, unsure about one code review comment
  • purple_cow: you can drop that, the newer code is much more clear
  • purple_cow: can you attach the images of the widgets used in your change to the review request or push a branch to a fork on github?
    • m_conley: preferably to a fork and linking to it from the request
    • purple_cow: everything that says “This is a binary file”


  • m_conley: did you get a patch posted for issue 2412?
  • Not yet, will get that up soon, thinks it is a straightforward fix

Meeting Minutes: February 23, 2014


Mentors: Christian, David, Mike, Steven

Students: Anselina, Bhushan, Edwin, lines, Olessia, Mirai, Stephanie, Tomi, Tami

Excused: Joonas


  • RB 2.0 beta 3 and RBTools 0.6 went out. Woo!
  • Make sure to add the “students” review group to your review requests.

Round Robin


  • hoping to start working on github hooks
  • will add temporary url for github hooks instead of waiting for hostingservice urlpattern support


  • how are hosting services registered?
    ChipX86: when a person installs the Review Board package, all those entrypoints get registered into the system as part of the python packaging framework
    ChipX86: we then loop through when we need to deal with hosting services and say “get me everything that’s registered”
    m_conley: end goal is to just install a Python package and have RB support your hosting service
  • is on the testing phase right now, and hopes to complete development and testing this week.


  • having 500 errors when loading the review page, pastie of the traceback is linked here, debugged after the meeting


  • has tested registering the right-click on code lines, will post diff soon.


  • excused


  • working on getting branches and commits from Bitbucket
  • decided might be out of luck with Beanstalk
  • will keep implementation and documentation of get_commits consistent between Github and Bitbucket


  • analyzed responses for the survey here
  • working on mockups, will collaborate with Joonas on prototypes
  • Mike proposed the idea of a paper prototyping experiment
  • will make proposals on project next steps – will focus on designing something that satisfies most common use cases mentioned from the survey


  • implemented backend for drag and dorp
  • noticed issues with drag and drop with activity widget, and masonry, will investigate.
    ChipX86: event handlers might be disconnected
    ChipX86: probably need to reconnect after drop
    m_conley: maybe the widget needs to “reinit” or something after the drop?
  • should get a more recent version of masonry


  • created a pop up to show information about a bug that shows id, description, and summary
  • started using RB at work
  • would like to help Steven on improving/rewriting reviewbot


  • working on issues with her code, stack trace here
    ChipX86: it looks like you’re initializing the mixin class and not the actual datagrid
    ChipX86: the error shows you’re constructing UserPageDataGrid, but you want UserPageReviewRequestGrid or UserPageReviewsDataGrid