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Status Reports: Mar 22, 2013

Jonathan Demelo:


  • Cleaned up my review request for the first completed task, which is ready for full on review.
  • Addressed the initial review comments for my second task’s review. Still in progress for the more advanced comments.


  • No roadblocks. Just time at this point. Trying to get my other classes’ essays out of the way to get back to coding. /sigh


  • Address advanced comments/suggestions for the second task’s review.
  • Continue finalizing anything left over for my two projects to prep for inclusion.


  • No questions.

Yuri Honami:



  • nope


  • Add trophy pic to trophy_box


  • nope

Felix Sung:


  • Working to let users add checklist items


  • None


  • Allow users to add checklist item


  • None

Surya Nallu:


  • Put up a review request with the work so far [I couldn’t meet the Saturday target as I had mentioned in the previous report; due to understanding webAPI, so the patch got delayed and was up earlier this week].
  • Fix usability issues: Several small polishing tasks such as fixing up the jQuery UI CSS to make sure the tabbed modal box fits the RB interface.
  • TODOs: The webAPI code currently doesn’t restrict access to administrators (restricts only to registered users); The responses are paginated, the search results need to accommodate this.


  • Waiting on review #3906.


  • Address the issues brought up from the review request – I’d likely have to restructure some of the code within Backbone.
  • I also have about three questions that are mentioned within the review request.
  • After I address the above, the changes would be in shape to come out of WIP — for a proper review request.
  • Finish an external documentation document – This would detail the structure of JSON responses expected back with an overall view of the endpoints so as to have a design document for the future store.
  • Again, depending upon how the review request goes I would be able to bring in new features.


  • None.

Hiroki GOHARA:



  • None


  • Take easy fix


  • None

Greg Wang:


  • Place all markdown text inside <pre>
  • Use separate template file to generate rendering code


  • Text fields used to have `linkify` process after page loaded, but not all link need to be linkified in rendered markdown
  • Current comments, description and testing-done editor edit everything as plain text


  • Adjust `linkify` function to only apply on non-rich_texts
  • Adjust style again, <pre> has different style than <div>
  • Maybe need to disable markdown render for comments, description and testing-done, since the editor does not support editing markdown. Can be re-enabled after the editor+preview project.


  • What will be a good practice to let the editors initialized with markdown text, instead of plain text?

Katherine Schramm


  • User page now has links to take you to a version with a list of reviews and a version with a list of review requests
  • Review list now filters out replies
  • Removed some unnecessary code


  • If there’s a more elegant way to show the two different lists, I’m not sure what it is


  • Possibly improve how the two lists are shown
  • Improve and/or add columns


  • I think this feature is essentially doing what it’s supposed to do, with mainly improvements, ‘nice-to-haves’, and tests (presumably) remaining. Would it be worth taking this out of WIP now?

Blog Post: Yuri

Hi, I’m Yuri, first-year of master’s course, and studying in Dept. of Creative Informatics.

Before the start of this course, I studied and work on PHP and JavaScript (using jQuery), but probably, I should learn Python, Django and knowledge of database such as SQL because I’m not familiar with them.

So, I didn’t understand what I don’t understand, It’s serious problem for me because I have to put in plenty of time for it and have less time for my hobby such as videogame and band performance and so on.

…Frankly, I waited for chance to run away! On a serious note, new students need more warm-up period before starting course, I think they should do Django tutorial and get foundation for an understanding of Python.

[My part “Trophy Case”]

My part is Trophy Case in this course, it’s same project with Hiroki.

Our work is “Adding Trophy system to ReviewBoard”.

Trophy system likes videogame’s achievement system, such as Trophy system on PS3 and Achievement system on Xbox360.

[My work]

My work is show that reviewboard user’s trophies on user’s page, which is webpage on reviewboard for displaying user’s information.

In a word, Hiroki added trophy model to reviewboard’s database, then I added function for reading and showing them.

In addition I added number of user’s trophies to user_infobox, which is showed when holding cursor over user’s name.


I’m working on adding trophy_infobox.

It shows trophies’ information when holding your cursor over trophy’s name on user’s page.

Meeting minutes: Mar 9, 2013

*to all


[How should review request be separated?]:
Student …
How should review request be separated?

Mentor …
Before that, your latest diff has some stuff in there that doesn’t belong to your change.
it looks like your branch might be out of sync with master, so you need to do is pull in the changes from your reviewboard master, and merge them in.
This means fetching and pulling the changesets on the master branch, merging them in (and doing conflict resolution if needs be), and then pushing the merge back to your branch.

–main issue–
I think those things should be 1 review request
And then there are little atomic additions to these core components like displaying the trophy’s in the user page, for example.
Removing that addition does not break the core components, so that’s what I generally use as a litmus test to determine how to break something up.
especially when working on something with someone else.

[found a bug]:
Student …
basically, make a review request, submit it, then go to the drop down you showed me that says submit, so the drop down that’s close -> submit
you’ll see it say “this change has been marked as submitted”
but if you click the “describe the submission…” text area and add anything, it’ll auto-discard

Mentor …
auto-discard? does it happen on the master branch?

Student …
weird, i did it on master before i posted my status report, and it did it. now it doesn’t

Mentor …
I fill out that field all the time, so I was surprised to hear it broke
but then, we are doing a lot of javascript work on master

Student …
lll take another look again next time I’ve got it open to see what’s the difference between mine and master lol

[the way you’re saving fields]:
Mentor …
it also looks here like you’re concerned that the way we’re saving fields is fragile? or, limiting

Student …
right now, as per line 708 in reviews/views

if latest_changedesc and ‘status’ in latest_changedesc.fields_changed:
status = latest_changedesc.fields_changed[‘status’][‘new’][0]
if status in (ReviewRequest.DISCARDED, ReviewRequest.SUBMITTED):
close_description = latest_changedesc.text

basically, i have no way of grabbing multiple text fields/boxes upon update, as far as I’m aware. Can you think of a way to deal with this?

Mentor …
I would expect they’d be handled just like the close description
if status == SUBMITTED, pull out the other two fields
if the submit banner is showing, they’d be used to populate those entries
the way it works is that, whenever the submit banner’s fields (well, field) is updated, we update the laetst change description (if it’s a status change), or we create a new one
so I think what you’d want is, for each of the two new fields, we repeat that whole block, but tailor it to the field in question
(no, it’s not pretty, but it’s the only place to do it)

[how do i get those two fields info?]:
Student …
what i don’t understand is how do i get those two fields info as “latest_changedesc.text” will only have the one most recently changed

Mentor …
they wouldn’t go in there
so take a look at ChangeDescription in changedescs/
text is one of the fields, but you also have a fields_changed
this is where the record of those fields would go
any time one of those fields is changed, the last change description shoud be updated with them (we do that for the ‘status’ today)
instead of pulling out latest_changedesc.text, we’d pull out, say, latest_changedesc.fields_changed[‘revision’][‘new’][0]

Meeting Minutes for Group B – February 16th, 2013

Look at the Calendar posted on the blog every day.
( URL … )
This is not targeted at anyone specifically in the group, just a general note.

Q / A:
Q : How to execute unit tests?
A : This shows you how to run *all* of the tests:
( )
If you want to run tests under a certain “app” directory, like “accounts”, this blog post tells you how to do that:
( )

Q : How to write unit tests?
A : The best way to start is to see what the current tests do.
granted, there aren’t many of them.
( )

Q : How would I go about finding all the review requests that are dependant on the review within review_request_details?
I have two M2Ms, depends_on_draft, and depends_on_published.

A : They do, they’re just not exposed in the UI, so ReviewRequest should have a ManyToManyField that points to other. ReviewRequests. Say that’s called depends_on with the related_name being “blocks”. From there, you can easily go both ways.
You can access review_request_1.depends_on or from the other end, review_request_2.blocks.
Django magically links that up.