Project Plan – Editable Themes

Project Milestone Plan

1 week: add in forms to the theme settings page (have this completed using charFields right now – just need to build the customized forms to swap in)

2 weeks? (I am really not sure about this one): build the color-selector form & the image selector form for the theme settings page

  • Color selection component (point and click on a desired color)
  • Banner image selector/loader
  • Restore defaults for each editable component
  • Restore all defaults option

1 week: create a model to store the default theme values and the current values (defaults if there has been no editing) & add them into the theme settings page instead of the CharFields

After that I’m not sure about time, but have a plan on how to actually implement the change in themes:

  1. Pull out all of the editable values from the commons.css files and create a new .css file called commons_editable.css (should not take long). Also, edit the templates to use this new .css file as well as the commons.css.
  2. Whenever the themes are changed (and the changes are saved) re-write the editable.css with the new current values from the models
  3. Will also want to make a validation system for the banner image (should we allow uploading a banner image, or just using a url?) and the color values (the user should be able to just input a hex value instead of being forced to use the color selector).
  4. Try to break it
  5. Fix problems and repeat 4-5 until I can’t break it anymore

If there is time for me to take on another small project (or if things go faster than anticipated) I can look into working on one of the extension projects (or something else).




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