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Status Reports

Mark Striemer


* I didn’t actually get to work on RB this week, but other school work
is now done for a bit, next week should be extra productive 😉

Next Steps:

* Write an OAuth client to test the OAuth server

* Finish the OAuth server

* Integrate the RB/Djblits authentication with OAuth


* Other school work

Steve Sutcliffe

* Fixed some critiques on fill-database project

* Fixed critiques & got file-attachment project working with current review board release

* Initial look at next step in file-attachment project

Next Steps:

* Solve the ‘review file’ comment issue

* Determine next ui feature to resolve


* UI is unfamiliar territory

Crystal Koo


* Received reviews for my 2 review requests and spent a lot of time fixing them. Had some major indentation problems and some bad coding. Post-reviewed them again.

* Wrote the UCOSP blog

* Downloaded software and writing outline for screencast. Microphone on my laptop is not working and I spent 2 hours on to fix it. It works but the sound is very choppy.

* Starting on presentation on what I did this term for my school requirement

Next Steps:

* Work on my new task of issue tracking (this status report is written on Thurs and I will spend more time on Fri/Sat/Sun)

* Continue with screencast

* Start on presentation


* Tough week. 3 midterms, 1 project due and I’m off to Texas on Friday.

Teresa Hume 


* Finished adding the documentation for the themes project

* Went through looking at defect reports

* Started looking into how to fix one of the confirmed defects

* Found decent screecast software

Next Steps:

* Keep working on the bugs

* Do a screencast/get a demo ready for my project


* None really

Kahlil Amlani


* Completed the diff part of the xml

* Added some data of a review request to the xml

* Started some code clean up, and refactoring

* Started some testing

Next Steps:

* Get ChipX86 / m_conley’s opinon on the XML format that I have right now

* Submit a review


* After this part I would like to add a couple of other customizations, so I would need some guidance on that

Mengyun Kong


* improve my code according to the reviews

* add option for personal wordlist in settings

Next Steps

* to do more with this feature

* or finishing this one and do some bugfixes?

* demo screencast


* need some guidance on the performance of spell checking.


Meeting Minutes

ChipX86 is reviewing a lot of code and will probably have something delivered within the next 24 hours

mattiaskrgr created this really awesome animation relevant to reviewboard: Here

ReviewBoard was officially accepted to participate in Google’s Summer of Code this year! The team is looking for mentors to help out. The number of interns is based on how many mentors the team has.

m_coley suggested to use Camtasia for the screen casts (if on win7). There is also gtk-recordmydesktop for Ubuntu. Also, you can record a demo using software such as Pitivi and then use Audacity for recording the audio and put it over top

Many people are nearing the end of their projects, which is great news!


This week I have been very busy working on my ReviewBoard project. I feel I am starting to really find my groove this week. I ran into a couple of roadblocks dealing with XML. The resources currently don’t have the functionality to accomplish what I want to do! At first I was a bit worried on how I would continue with my project, but after talking with the mentors we came up with a way to solve the issue. The problem was that the current XML doesn’t allow of multiple non-unique tags. I started off on a little side project to add the functionality to our djblets framework. That was fun :). I have implemented most of the changes for that already, I was pretty excited to get it done, so I spent quite a bit of time on it. I have it to the point where it is working, but I have a feeling I am missing some of the bells and whistles before I am able to push it in. I plan to go over that next meeting.

After having that fixed, I have continued to work on my feature! Having designed the part of the framework that I am using, it’s a bit easier :). Anyway, I have gotten a solid start on creating the XMLExport. I am still a little bit worried about the code snippet part and how I will get that in XML format, but I will try to tackle that when I get there.

I just commited some of my code to github, so I don’t have to worry about losing it!


Timeline Update

So now that I have started to make some progress on my XMLExport feature, I think I am able to make a proper timeline of how I plan to complete the feature.

I have just completed a resource that returns information within a review request. For the rest of Feburary I plan to format what is returned. I need to add code snippets into the return as well. Also, I need to hook up the resource to the button I have added to every review request page.

For March, I plan to add a configuration button in the administration page. In this I will have a series of selection boxes where the user can select what they would like the XMLExport to export. I will then have to connect these settings to my resource, and filter out what needs to be returned. I will then need to test my fix of course :). From there depending on how much time I have, I plan to start looking into style sheets, but I don’t have any knowledge on this part just yet, some guidance when this comes around would be appreciated.

Status Reports



  • Finishing tests for the git patch issue
  • Getting ready to start a bigger project: OAuth, draft review
    in-your-faceifier or updates to the diff viewer to make it easier to
    see more surrounding code.

Next Steps

  • Finish the tests for the git patch.
  • Get started on something real!


  • I had some problems running certain tests with nose and running
    all of the tests takes ages.
  • Finals for classes from last semester make this semester a lot
    more difficult, but fall 2010 is finally over!



  • Spent a lot of time trying to learn about WEB API’s and how they work in reviewboard
  • Read the documentation of ‘’
  • Read some documents on how XML works in Python
  • Started to write out my script on using the WebAPI

Next Steps

  • Solidify what is going on with web api’s and how to use them by completing my script.
  • Hopefully I will be able to get all the information regarding diffs from web apis this week!


  • I have a bug in my import statement in my script that is trying to use web apis. Been trying to fix it for the past 2 days….


  • enabled ability to add review-requests when requesting data to be auto-filled
  • each user will be given a random number of review-requests between the ranges specified
  • review-requests are currently given the super user as a reviewer
  • more work may be needed on review-requests, but it should be fairly easy to add at this point
Next Steps
  • determine the details involved in diff’s on review board
  • look into adding diff’s to the fill-database program
  • I don’t have much knowledge on diff’s, how they are built etc.
  • Generating diff content might be challenging (not really sure at this point)
  • once again need to track down where/how this info gets created


  • Git tree was messed up. Submitted a review request for my SearchResource
  • Finished up SearchResource after ChipX86 code reviewed it. A couple of minor changes could have used though.
  • Researching and looking at how AutoComplete and the wrapper works. Haven’t found much success yet but working on it!
  • Had a bad week overall. Was very busy with other assignments and midterms. I’m now on reading week and ready to do more!
Next Steps
  • Get Autocomplete just to appear for the search bar. It seems to be something trivial and I seem to be missing something. I set the autocomplete’s source to some random words and when I type those words in, I’m not getting any suggestions. So for now, I am leaving out the wrapper.
  • Once I get the autocomplete to appear with the search bar, I’ll figure out how to do the wrapper for autocomplete.
  • If I get through or partially through those 2 stages, I should be able to see if my SearchResource is working as desired
  • Lack of experience with javascript, jquery, html and how everything is related


  • Searching through the template files for common components that would be extendable
  • Still figuring out the template code
Next Steps
  • Figure out how to include html templates as components into other templates
  • break up the common templates into smaller components
  • Figure out a nice way to display the extendable components option
  • Other classes/midterms


  • read the django book
  • learn about pygments
  • make progress on spell checking: check diff’s strings and comments and highlight errors
Next Steps
  • improve the feature: speed, accuracy, style, functions…
  • code style reading is needed
  • the checker need improvements when picking words to test
  • checking the whole diff is fairly time-consuming
  • is checking for text files needed & how
  • how to have a dictionary


Getting started!

Today was my first week outside the code sprint!

This week I recently was able to add a button to the review section of review board! It took a while to set up, but Mike helped me out. I learned a lot about how Python works while completing the task, as well as stumbled on a bug in the extensions framework. The bug allowed me to go through the entire workflow of GIT and Review board, all the way to “Ship It!” which was helpful.

After I went through the process of adding the button, I can see how python can be pretty effective if you know what you are doing. The framework is set up in a way that newcomers like me can complete these tasks rather seamlessly.

I am excited to get to work on the next part which is actually adding the functionality behind my button, but before that I must start to read up more on how XML works in Python


Code Sprint Status Update

What you’ve done this weekend:

1) Had a chance to get to know all my teammates

2) Started learning Review Board workflow and functionality

3) Started learning GIT

4) Starting installing extensions

5) Started working on my first bug, and posted a review for it

What you will do next week

1) Complete install of extensions

2) Learn more about what extension I am going to do

3) Make the requested changes for my posted bug fix

4) Learn more Python and about Eggs

5) Get more comfortable coding within a VM/Ubuntu

Obstacles/Road Blocks

1) Completing extensions installation

2) Figuring out what the extension I am doing comprises of